dual screen and tint2 problemview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – Hello,I'm new to CrunchBang (I used Openbox before, with Ubuntu) and I have two problems that I can't solve :I have a dual screen 1280*1024 + 1920*1080.When I maximize a window, it recovers the tint2 panel, so I add a 36 px  margin in Obconf, and I can see the tint2 panel on the second screen. (HowTos)

How to add/remove applications from ‘Open With’ windowview story

http://www.ubuntugeek.com – This tutorial will explain how to add items,remove items from ‘Open With’ window (...)Read the rest of How to add/remove applications from ‘Open With’ window (57 words) © admin for Ubuntu Geek, 2010. (HowTos)

Can zypper ?view story

http://forums.opensuse.org – In debian based systems once my system was set I'd do something like this to create a list of applications and be able to wipe-install base then reinstall my favorite apps and servers with one command. (Distributions)

how to change usplash,login window in lucid lynx?view story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – need to change usplash image and login window. (HowTos)

nxserver now broken?view story

http://forums.opensuse.org – I can no longer make client connections (neither from home/ubuntu nor from localhost) to nxserver on . The gripe is "no subscription information found on server"" but the server.lic (chmod=400) and is clearly the perpetual free 2-user license. Authentication completes successfully. (Distributions)

Screen goes blank, computer unresponsive during Live sessionview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – I'm using a Alpha2 version disk that works fine on other computers.  Trying it out Live on a Dell Latitude X300 with 1152 MB Ram, Pentium M 1.4Ghz which is running 9.04.After about 10-15 minutes of fooling around (using browser, opening various items from the menu) the screen goes blank.  After hitting a key I get a window that first lists the version info:X.Org X Server 1.7.7Releas (HowTos)

Xfce: Compiz, RGBA Transparency, UI Tweaksview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – I have a brand new installation of Statler Xfce I'm getting to know.  Let's copy this desktop theme I made and maybe we can all learn something...<edit>Conky and tint2 workarounds are posted later on, or post a message for help.</edit>Up front I should say that I'm ignoring Conky as I don't use it and I haven't done any experimenting with getting Conky to (HowTos)

Start with a wide window for diffview story

http://vim.wikia.com – Comments: tweak new comment and remove email ← Older revision Revision as of 08:33, August 29, 2010 Line 57: Line 57: ---- ---- - + For win32 users, this will maximize the gvim window and split the two windows equally: - ----   - For win32 users, this will maximize the GVim windows and then sp (HowTos)

Rant About Debianview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – God I forgot how bad Debian sucks. I just reinstalled Debian Squeeze and had to throw in #! right afterwards so I'd have something slim that runs easily. How people can make operating systems that are slow with Xfce is beyond me. I couldn't even move a window without crashing. (HowTos)

X hangs and X crashesview story

http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello everyone, New user here, just installed OpenSuse 11.3 a week ago. I have been having a problem with the computer I'm using were it keeps freezing (mouse works, however nothing else does). Usually to get out of it I have to use REISUB signal for a forced reboot. This only used to happen once in a while, but was still annoying. Tried a new video card, new motherboard... neither helped. (Distributions)