Shinobi Window grounding?view story

http://www.overclock.net –  "I've had this computer built for less than a week and there's this buzzing sound coming..." (Hardware)

A myriad of problemsview story

https://www.kubuntuforums.net – Hey there everybody! I have a bunch of seemingly coincidental problems and thought I'd post here to see if anyone can make sense of them. 1) My Internet connection kept going out. I have Earthlink over Time Warner's cables, so TW bills and services the account. (HowTos)

Tips How to search in browser?view story

http://androidforums.com – Might be a dumb question, but I can't figure out how to use a pull down search tab while on forum websites. Usually, a small popup type tab opens and you type in your search term for that form. Numerous forums use this, but I can't get it to work on my phone. When the keyboard opens, the search window closes. Help a dummy? (General)

How to set a Thunar window as the desktop in XFce?view story

http://unix.stackexchange.com – I want to setup one computer ask a kiosk for eBooks. I'd like any user to be able to see all available books right on the desktop. These can be clicked on and loaded in the PDF software. Is there some way to place a fullscreen Thunar window, at a specific folder, as the desktop of XFce, so that the desktop has a folder showing all of the PDFs and can be navigated like a file manager? (HowTos)

Fluxbox Lightdm nautilusview story

http://askubuntu.com – I recently started using fluxbox, I'm using Lightdm as a desktop manager and was using gnome/unity before fluxbox. I'm facing a few troubles while trying to adapt to this new window manager, the first one (and slightly odd) is this one: Everytime I try to open Nautilus, the background changes to my unity ubuntu's background and when I right click on desktop's background (to reload fluxbox which (HowTos)

How to use Telnet through wlan0 when eth0 is default device?view story

http://askubuntu.com – I've got a bit of a conundrum that I can't find anything for, so I'm asking for help. I recently got an AR2Drone from Parrot. I'd like to get some cool software on it, explore its file architecture, etc. I don't have a laptop, just a PC. It's got an ethernet cable running to my router, and a usb wifi dongle that is connected to the drone's network. (HowTos)

Linux 3.15-rc8 Kernel Released, Linux 3.16 Merge Window Opens Earlyview story

http://www.phoronix.com – Phoronix: Linux 3.15-rc8 Kernel Released, Linux 3.16 Merge Window Opens Early The eighth release candidate for the Linux 3.15 kernel has been released. The official release of Linux 3.15 should happen next week, but meanwhile Linus has decided to open the merge window for Linux 3.16 one week early... http://www.phoronix.com/vr.php?view=MTcwNzI (HowTos)

Excel 2013 stopped working -- seems to crash on launch - Windows 8.1view story

http://superuser.com – New Toshiba laptop with Windows 8.1 - came with Office 2013 installed. I had Excel working and edited a few spreadsheets as a test. Then I set up another user account as Standard and ran some Windows Updates. Now Excel will not launch. (HowTos)

can't modify or even turn off system notificationsview story

https://www.kubuntuforums.net – Ever since upgrading I've been battling with system notifications. Every time I move or copy a file a notification pops up and I can't seem to turn it off. (HowTos)

[CONFIGURATION] Screen portions flashing different colors.view story

https://www.kubuntuforums.net – ScreenShot.pngIn trying to correct problems I have been having with Kubuntu 14.04, I decided to check all settings in System Settings. I made a few adjustments, enough to not be able to remember them all when this color changing effect started to happen. Right now, the window I am typing in is pink while the Kubuntu forums bar is gray. (HowTos)