Links 17/12/2010: Mentor Graphics Joins Linux Foundation, Linux 2.6.37 Imminentview story

http://techrights.org – Contents GNU/Linux Distributions Devices/Embedded Free Software/Open Source Leftovers Clip of the Day GNU/Linux Have yourself a very Linux Christmas Whether you cut your teeth downloading Linux 0.x source code or you want to give Linux a try for the first time, we’ve got presents for you. What do you get for the Linux lover in your life? (General)

CB wallpaper for Android phoneview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – Here's a simple #! wallpaper formatted for my Nexus One (960x800):Direct Link: http://rfquerin.org/cbang/cbangN1_001.jpg (HowTos)

Panel takes unusually long to load, sessions involuntarily savedview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – Hello everyoneStatler amd64 Xfce here with Xfce4-panel. I have a couple of problems:1. Xfce4-panel + conky takes abnormally long to load after boot (about 30 secs with nothing but wallpaper). (HowTos)

Windows 7 Box Art Themes & Wallpapers Free Downloadview story

http://gamblis.com – Below, you can download some nice and free Windows 7 wallpapers and theme called Windows 7 Box Art. These are very nice collections of Windows 7 themes and wallpaper you must have. (Distributions)

Just like any new Distroview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – It takes sometime to get use to it. The surroundings is different, but it's still Linux. Got #!Crunchbang 10 running they way I like. A tweak here & a tweak there, and everything is running great.It's just you have to figure out where to go in #!. And figure out what to do after you know where to go. (HowTos)

Error: -sessionview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – Hello all,I'm running Statler with Xfce and Xfce4-panel (no tint), and lately I've been getting this in a small window after startup: "Error: -session"I don't auto-save session on logout. (HowTos)

New Dark Wallpaperview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – Hey Everyone :)Here is my current Wallpaper. Originally, i found Darth-Vader at wallbase. (HowTos)

Debian Spacefunview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – I had meant to do this earlier, but it slipped my mind. A few weeks ago my aptosid setup received an update for GDM that included a new login wallpaper of a fun space scene with a definite winter holiday feel to it. (HowTos)

Customized Themes for Ubuntu 10.10view story

http://www.linoob.com – Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat as we know it came with really good looks. The default Warty wallpaper and the updated Radiance and Ambiance themes are really an eye-candy. But after a few weeks of regular usage, we are actually bored of the GUI. So we want a change. For that we have found a few themes to be installed in Ubuntu that will give our Ubuntu Gnome Desktop a cool new look. (General)

cpufreq scaling crunchbang kernel v. debian netinstallview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – I have crunchbang with kernel 2.6.32-5-686 and a debian netinstall with kernel 2.6.32-5-686 running on the same machine. (HowTos)