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http://androidforums.com – Hi, I am new here, hopefully I have posted this in an acceptable place. Does anyone have a NOTE 3/or android and have problems viewing videos in HD on Facebook? If it's a video that I've taken it looks fine, but the second I upload it to Facebook it looks HORRIBLE. Also, I uploaded an HD video from my computer to Facebook and it looks amazing on my computer. It looks horrible on the NOTE 3. (General)

Backed By John Legend, Adventr Allows You To Build Choose Your Own Adventure-Style Videosview story

http://techcrunch.com –  Startup Adventr (pronounced "adventure") is betting that it can make online video even more addictive with interactivity. For example, here's a promotional video for Adventr itself — at the beginning, a girl finds a camera in her closet, and you can choose whether she takes it or leaves it. (IT news)

5 Reasons To Buy The Z2.view story

http://forums.androidcentral.com – Here are my five reasons to buy the Z2... 1)The Build The Z2 has been designed well and one that is unique and it feels so well constructed. (HowTos)

check if genisoimage is succesfulview story

http://unix.stackexchange.com – I use a script to convert all VIDEO_TS directories to .ISO. How can I check if genisoimage is actually converting it instead of it failling and converting the next folder? After conversion I have a command to delete the folder but if genisoimage fails then it still deletes it. #!/bin/bash iso_name="" parent_path="" full_path="" total=0 IFS=$'\n' clear for file in $(find /shares/media/ -type d (HowTos)

Catalyst graphical glitches with dual head setupview story

https://bbs.archlinux.org – Hello all, having a weird issue with my dual monitor setup where graphical glitches make my primary monitor completely unusable. The Tear Free feature of the proprietary catalyst driver is what seems to be causing it:Tear Free enabled:Tear Free disabled:I can safely enable it with one monitor disabled also. (HowTos)

Internal vs External hdd. SATA 3 vs USB 3view story

http://forums.anandtech.com – I'm getting a 3TB hard disk for storing my photos, videos and movie collection.(I won't be using it for boot partition) I'm stuck between internal and external ,seagate backup plus 3tb external STDT3000100 and the seagate barracuda 3tb internal ST3000DM001.(The external one has the same hdd inside.) For me portability is just optional, I can live without it.If they both perform the same, I will ge (Hardware)

Redesigned NES Analogue Nt Now Available for Pre-Orderview story

http://forums.anandtech.com – http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/05/...-for-pre-order http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/05/05...n-conversation Analogue Interactive, known for its walnut and ash Neo Geo systems and Analogue Neo Geo arcade sticks, has started taking preorders for its latest creation, the Analogue Nt. The Analogue Nt is machined from a single block of 6061 aluminum alloy, and inside that smooth metal shel (Hardware)

Why I am excited about Clojureview story

http://forums.fedoraforum.org – clojure, scala yeah new programming language. http://blog.txus.io/2014/05/why-i-am...about-clojure/ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7697955 Quote: I had been looking at Clojure for a while now, read a couple of books, watched a couple of videos, but mostly just played around with it. (HowTos)

GNOME: GNOME 3.12 Released with New Features for Users and Developersview story

http://www.gnome.org – Orinda, CA– The GNOME Project is proud to release GNOME 3.12 today. The next milestone release in the GNOME 3 series includes many new features, enhancements and updates, as well as new capabilities and APIs for application developers. (Software)

Just open the video in some player on android devicesview story

http://stackoverflow.com – My question is quite simple, but i can't find the answer. I have site, where is some links to video files. I want to force android devices open that links into default android player (which can be set by android user). I have Xperia C, and my device starts to load this video file. How can i change this on the site? (HowTos)