Kdenlive: spring cleaningview story

http://kdenlive.org – Here are some news on what is happening with Kdenlive's video editor. Last year, we launched a successful IndieGoGo campaign to sponsor Till Theato's work on Kdenlive. I have finally found time to start merging his great work so that we can clean up Kdenlive and move towards the future. I will merge my work in the next days in Kdenlive's git master. (Software)

Kdenlive 0.9.2 releasedview story

http://kdenlive.org – The 0.9.2 version of Kdenlive has been released, the source package is now available from the KDE servers. This new release fixes the most important regressions found in the 0.9 version as well as a few other issues. The crashes in the stop motion widget and composite transition are fixed, slideshows and firewire capture work again. (Software)

Improving effects workflow in Kdenliveview story

http://kdenlive.org – First, I should say a big thank you to all the people that helped make our Fundraising campaign so successful, but more infos about that will come in the next days. It is anyways really motivating to see that you are supporting us! On my side, I have been working on a rewrite of the Kdenlive's effect stack. (Software)

Randa KDE sprintview story

http://kdenlive.org – Several Kdenlive developers will meet in the next days in Randa (which will host a big KDE sprint) to exchange ideas and discuss about Kdenlive's evolution. I hope that we will come up with some great ideas, we will keep you informed! Jean-Baptiste Mardelle (Software)

Kdenlive 0.8 releasedview story

http://kdenlive.org – We are proud to announce the release of Kdenlive 0.8. (Software)

ffmpeg is now libavview story

http://kdenlive.org – Again, this is only relevant for you if you compiled ffmpeg yourself. ffmpeg has moved to http://www.libav.org/ — together with the git repository. The new remote can be set with: git remote set-url origin 'git://git.libav.org/libav' (Software)

Introducing Scopes: The Audio Spectrum and the Spectrogramview story

http://kdenlive.org – In the next version of kdenlive you will again find new scopes. This time not for video but for audio! I will also give some tips about audio in general (recording, perception, etc.), not only about kdenlive’s scopes. read more » read more (Software)