Warmth - New proposed theme for Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid)view story

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multicd.sh - Combine several CDs into oneview story

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Fresh installation doesn't work outview story

http://forums.fedoraforum.org – hi, I test 3 servers with Fedora 7-> 9 no problems Any Fedoracore from 10 -> 12 I have some problemes with internet access I can sometimes access internet, sometimes I can't ( ..... with a fresh installation ) A yum update doesn't work either... What's wrong ? Any idea ??? (HowTos)

Ubuntu freezesview story

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How to install Edubuntu Menu Editor in Ubuntu lucid/Karmicview story

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“Facebook posts are constitutionally protected speech”view story

http://digitizor.com – A federal magistrate in the US today ruled that a Facebook posts falls under the First Amendment, which provides for free speech. The matter came up after a student, Katherine Evans, was suspended for three days from her school for creating a Facebook page where she vented about the worst teacher she has ever met. (HowTos)

Pwn2Own hacking competition is back again – This time with $100K prize moneyview story

http://digitizor.com – The Pwn2Own hacking competition, which is organized annually by TippingPoint Zero Day Initiative, is back again for its fourth year. This year, the total prize money has been increased to $100K. The competition will be at the CanSecWest security conference held in Vancouver, BC on March 24th 2010. (HowTos)

RIM introduces new BlackBerry browserview story

http://digitizor.com – Research In Motion, the makers of BlackBerry, is bringing out a new web browser for its device. This is the first browser that RIM has released after it bought Torch Mobile, a browser design firm, last year. The new browser is said to be much faster and easier to use compared to its earlier browsers. (HowTos)

How to allow programs through Windows Firewall that are being blockedview story

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Triple boot Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.04 and Fedora 11view story

http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi guys, i have at the moment a dual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.04 each one in separate hard drives, when i installed Ubuntu it taked care of the dual boot system letting me choose wich OS to run when turned on. (HowTos)