LXer: OS4 OpenLinux 14.1 Screenshot Tourview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Published at LXer: With 14.1 we have brought new enhancements to the kernel and we have updated the package lineup. We also go back to the lighter radiance themes as the default and we have the ambiance and greybird themes for those that like the darker themes. (HowTos)

I need to configure Thunderbird to read from my local hmail server.view story

http://superuser.com – I'm using hmailserver and am attempting to connect to it through thunderbird. I can see how to setup from a external server, but not internal. I can't seem to find the settings to set this up and am not even sure if they exist. I have connected hmailserver to an account already so it has downloaded the emails to my local hard drive, but I need to put them in some readable format. (HowTos)

Help Troubleshooting Reason For Computer Freezeview story

http://askubuntu.com – I am fairly new to Linux and I am inexperienced in trouble shooting problems behind the scenes. I have a HP nc6320. And I have recently upgraded from Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10. I have been having issues with my computer freezing. I have changed the memory sticks to a pair of matching 2GB sticks. From the info I have found my computer can handle this much and the freezing problems persisted. (HowTos)

Tor Browser Bundle and Thunderbird Mailview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi to all, my question is, has anybody used the //www.torproject.org/download/download ..Tor browser bundle on Linux. It says on website has download for Linux .. Also if I used Thunderbird Mail can I still check mail individually ..not using Thunderbird. Thank you in advance for any assistance. (HowTos)

Thunderbird 24.0.1 Officially Released for All Platformsview story

http://news.softpedia.com – Mozilla has officially released Thunderbird 24.0.1, an email and RSS client, for all the available platforms, including Linux. The first maintenance version for Thunderbird 24 has been released and it comes with a few important bug fixes. There aren't any new features, but users should upgrade nonetheless. (IT news)

Can't download emails with large file attachment Dovecotview story

http://forum.directadmin.com – Hi, I am using CentOS 5.9 with postfix+dovecot v1.0.7 I have problem in downloading emails with attachment of more than 3MB via my email client. (HowTos)

Verizon mobile hotspot email problemview story

http://forums.androidcentral.com – I wonder if the following is a known issue for many users, or am I the only one struggling with it. I use the hotspot on my phone (HTC Rezound) to get my laptop online. On my laptop I use an email program (Mozilla Thunderbird) that is configured to use Time Warner POP and SMTP servers. The problem is that when using the hotspot I'm unable to send out email via the SMTP server. (HowTos)

Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.8 Officially Released, Get It While It's Hotview story

http://news.softpedia.com – Mozilla has officially released Thunderbird 17.0.8, an email and RSS client, but the company hasn't said yet what the changes for this version are. Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.8 is not a major release and this can be easily seen from the complete lack of information about it. (IT news)

[Internet] What should I prefer Kontact or Thunderbird on Kubuntu 13.04view story

http://www.kubuntuforums.net – I have Kubuntu 13.04 installed on my desktop. I am very much a newbie. (HowTos)

[ubuntu] LibreOffice attachments read onlyview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – For the record, I am runninge the following versions: Ubuntu 13.04, Evolution 3.6.4, Thunderbird 17.0.7, LibreOffice Opening attachments under Ubuntu is different from how other OSs are handling this. You can open an excel spreadsheet from Outlook, webmail, Mac Mail, etc and never experience the read only problem that you face when opening a "office"-attachment in Ubuntu. (Hardware)