Why Microsoft Had No Choice But To Buy Nokia’s Smartphone Business In One Chartview story

http://techcrunch.com – Microsoft is set to close on a deal to purchase the vast majority of Nokia’s handset business in the first quarter of 2014. (IT news)

General Questions About Serversview story

http://hardforum.com – Hello, all! I am spending this school year working at a low-budget mission school in Palau (student missionary program). I am the computer teacher/network admin/resident computer-fixer here on-campus. When I arrived, the state of the network was none too impressive... (Hardware)

First Credit Card Recommendationview story

http://forums.anandtech.com – I'm looking to get my first credit card and was wondering what card you guys would suggest I look at. I'm 23 years old and a student. My credit history contains only my student loans all of which have been paid on time. (Hardware)

WyzAnt Lands $21.5M From Accel To Take Its Tutoring Marketplace Global And Mobileview story

http://techcrunch.com – Building an online marketplace for local services is a tricky proposition, especially at scale. It takes time to recruit a stable of service providers, to offer deep coverage within local markets and maintain the quality of service (and the trust of customers) as the marketplace expands into new cities. (IT news)

[Deal] Chromecast available for $29 at Amazon and Best Buyview story

http://www.talkandroid.com – Haven’t gotten your hands on a Chromecast yet? Well, now is probably the best time to do so. At Amazon and Best Buy, Google’s HDMI dongle is available for just $29.99, down from the usual $35 price. And if you are a member of Amazon Student, you can take off an additional $5 so you just have to pay $24. (IT news)

Hidding an encrypted folder in a shared system without root access (unshare -m)view story

http://unix.stackexchange.com – I'm a graduate student trying to use a cluster at my university. These machines are shared, so I want to protect the source code I use (I signed a NDA, so I'm scared about publishing the code by accident or making it public very easily). So far, I managed to put my source code in a ecryptfs. (HowTos)

Eyefinity Gaming Rig(1440p?)($2,500-$3,000)view story

http://hardforum.com – 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Mostly gaming (racers, rts, rpg, shooters, etc) & general everyday usage 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $2,500-$3,000 (max) total 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if possible. Michigan, USA 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? (Hardware)

Does my wireless router lack port forwarding or am I missing something that should be obvious?view story

http://superuser.com – I am a computer science student with a black, 150mbps Trendnet N150 Wireless Home Router (model TEW-711BR, see: http://www.trendnet.com/products/proddetail.asp?prod=225_TEW-711BR ). My dad gave it to me, and I would like to try out some computer program networking and inter-program communication stuff with it. (HowTos)

GNOME Foundation: Minutes of the Board meeting of October 15th, 2013view story

http://permalink.gmane.org – wiki: https://wiki.gnome.org/FoundationBoard/Minutes/20131015 = Minutes for Tuesday, October 15th, 2013, 16:00 UTC = == Next Meeting == * Tuesday, October 29th, 2013, 16:00 UTC == Attending == * Rosanna Yuen * Andreas Nilsson * Karen Sandler * Marina Zhurakhinskaya * Emmanuele Bassi * Sriram Ramkrishna * Tobias Mueller === Regrets === * Ekaterina Gerasimova * Joanmarie Diggs === Mis (Software)

any possible answers?view story

http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com – lecturer put this as a bonus question... A current constituted of a single electron travelling through the centre of a conductor is being studied by a first year engineering student.. The conductor branches into two pathways of equal resistance 1 ohm: Path A and Path B. What do you think the voltage developed across each path should be? (Embedded)