PAC Manager: All your Connection are belong to usview story

http://linuxaria.com – If you manage remote machines you have for sure some way to connect to them, to connect to Unix machines I’m used to open a terminal with my favorite terminal emulator (Terminator in these days), and from there ssh to other servers, for Windows RDP protocol as client i use Remmina (perhaps i’ll talk of it in a future article) and for FTP and SFTP i use Filezilla, but i’ve found recently another in (HowTos)

3 easy steps to strengthen your ssh serverview story

http://linuxaria.com – Back on ssh topic, i think this is third or perhaps the fourth article regarding ssh, one of my favorite tools on a Linux server, and that a lot of times is not used or configured properly. In this small guide i’ll show you some setup to make your ssh server a bit more safer from the most common attacks. (HowTos)