Why CrunchGov Is Endorsing Eric Garcetti For Mayor Of LAview story

http://techcrunch.com – “Los Angeles is an underachieving city,” wrote the Los Angeles Times in its 2013 mayoral endorsement. ”The candidate with the most potential to rise to the occasion and lead Los Angeles out of its current malaise and into a more sustainable and confident future is Eric Garcetti.” An overwhelming number of startup founders seem to agree that Garcetti is the best candidate to (IT news)

Support no cell towers in franklin ga or callway gardensview story

http://androidforums.com – i was there in franklin 40 miles south of atlanta ga.had no service but every one else did. verizon, att and walmarts easy talk? went to tmobile store and they looked and said there's no cell towers in area why couldn't i get roaming? Advantage Tactical Company, LLC Main Campus  3541 Franklin Parkway* Franklin, GA 30217 (General)

Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission Investigating Samsung For Online Attacks Against HTCview story

http://techcrunch.com – Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission is investigating charges that Samsung paid students to attack rival HTC’s smartphones online. (IT news)

Dropmysite Upgrades As It Moves Into Enterprise Marketview story

http://techcrunch.com – Dropmysite has beefed up its site backup product with new features, as it pushes harder into the enterprise market. Its product now includes features like incremental backups, public key authentication and PostgreSQL database support, it said. Backups start at 10Gb for $19.99. The Singaporean company was started in September 2011. (IT news)

ZipDial, The Missed-Call Leader In India, Adds Jungle Ventures To Seed Round And Launches In Sri Lankaview story

http://techcrunch.com – ZipDial, the company based in India that has turned missed calls into a business, has raised new funds from Jungle Ventures and launched its service in Sri Lanka. (IT news)

Now In Search Of Its Second Cohort, AcceleratorHK Wants To Boost Hong Kong's Nascent Startup Sceneview story

http://techcrunch.com – Hong Kong’s startup scene is still in its infancy, but the founders of AcceleratorHK, the city’s first accelerator program, have high hopes that it will become one of Asia’s leading tech hubs. AcceleratorHK, which is sponsored by Telerik, is now seeking the second batch of startups from within and outside of Hong Kong for its fourteen week incubator AcceleratorHK. (IT news)

The Other Silicon Valley That The Tech Industry Is Leaving Behind [Video]view story

http://techcrunch.com – On Friday, veteran journalist Bill Moyers did a segment on Silicon Valley that gives a very different perspective than we get from most mainstream media coverage of the world-renowned tech industry hub, and it’s been fueling some good conversations this weekend. Called “Homeless in High Tech’s Shadow,” it’s a very interesting look at the growing homeless problem in t (IT news)

Linux Mint Debian 201303 released!view story

http://blog.linuxmint.com – The team is proud to announce the release of LMDE 201303. Screenshots LMDE 201303 Cinnamon Edition LMDE 201303 MATE Edition Highlights Update Pack 6 MATE 1.4 Cinnamon 1.6 Installer improvements (graphical timezone and keyboard selection, support for installation on multiple HDD, slideshow, webcam and face picture support) Device Driver Manager Plymouth splash screen If you’re new to LMDE, welc (Distributions)

Kleiner Perkins' Bing Gordon On How Entrepreneurs Can Keep Creativity Alive [TCTV]view story

http://techcrunch.com – Bing Gordon has become known in recent years for his role as a partner at venerated Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, but anyone who knows him will tell you that he isn’t your typical finance head. (IT news)

Oracle Server Business Missing in Actionview story

https://www.linux.com – Fans of the old Sun Microsystems may be wondering how the server business is doing at Oracle some three years after the acquisition. Over at GigaOm, Barb Darrow writes that Oracle’s gamble on hardware just isn’t paying off. (Hardware)