Black Duck Software vs the FOSSology projectview story

http://www.linuxfoundation.org – Black Duck Software vs FOSSology Peter Vescuso (Black Duck VP Marketing and Bob Gobeille (FOSSology originator and developer), put together this brief high level comparison between Black Duck's Software Suite and the open source FOSSology project.  This is a question that comes up repeatedly so, hopefully, this will help people understand the major differences. (General)

Google turns on public links for Docs, or: 1GB of free, high-speed cloud storageview story

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Open Source Multimedia Tools Make Sweet Musicview story

http://www.linux.com – Forty years ago I was enraptured by the ability to control a machine using software logic, which diverted me from electrical engineering to software development. Somewhere along the line I realized that developing software for software's sake is not very useful, as I recognized that not everyone had the same fascination for computers and computing that I did. (Software)

Nintendo puts it simply: Mario and his fellow franchise comrades will never appear in an Apple or Google app storeview story

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When It Comes to Security, Openness Isn't Always a Virtue - Rebuttalsview story

http://www.linuxinsider.com – It's hard to imagine a topic more central to the argument for or against free and open source software than security. Hardly a day goes by without news of some fresh exploit in the Windows environment, after all -- but what about Linux and other open software? Can they do better? (General)

Disk Backup With Amanda On Debian Lennyview story

http://linuxo.com – HowtoForge: "Amanda is an open source client/server solution to back up filesystems. Backups are triggered by the backup server, backup definitions are located on the servers but exclusion lists are located on the client." (General)

Google Engineer Breaks Down Steps for VP8 Optimizationview story

http://linuxo.com – Linux Pro Magazine: "Google software engineer John Koleszar addressed the open source community regarding the VP8 codec and the steps needed to further optimize to codec within the WebM project." (General)

YouTube gets its own Video Editor; trim, combine and even add soundtracks!view story

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10 considerations for maintaining open source in your organizationview story

http://www.linuxfoundation.org – IBM's Bob Sutor lists 10 considerations for maintaining open source in your organization: "So you’ve decided to use some open source code in your organization, company, or enterprise. What’s the same or different about maintaining open source versus traditional software. (General)

Firefox Losing Foothold on Linux Distros?view story

http://linuxo.com – LinuxMagazine: "When you install the Ubuntu Netbook Edition in October, don't look for Firefox on the desktop � it won't be there. Chromium, Chrome's open source cousin, is going to be taking its place. After years of desktop dominance on Linux, is Firefox losing its foothold or is this an anomaly?" (General)