OpenOffice 3.2 released with faster startup time.view story

http://digitizor.com – Today, the new version of OpenOffice has been released with tons of new features and improvements. On top of the improvements is the faster startup time. It is reported that Write and Calc now starts up 46% faster on a “cold start” compared to OpenOffice 3.2. (HowTos)

KDE SC 4.4 “Caikaku” releasedview story

http://digitizor.com – Today KDE announces the release of the KDE Software Compilation 4.4, “Caikaku”. The new release brings major new technologies, including social networking and online collaboration features, a new netbook-oriented interface and infrastructural innovations such as the KAuth authentication framework. (HowTos)

Slackware, GNU and free software.view story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – I've been using Slackware for several years, but haven't really encountered (or put much thought into) a definite answer on Slackware's amount of "freedom" as defined by the FSF and the Stallmanites. (HowTos)

Install Quantum GIS in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)view story

http://www.ubuntugeek.com – (HowTos)

openSUSE Build Service 1.7 now availableview story

http://news.opensuse.org – Today, the openSUSE Build Service team released the latest version of the openSUSE Build Service, a tool that provides software developers with the ability to create and release software for openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise and other Linux distributions, including Fedora, Red Hat, Mandriva, Debian and Ubuntu. (Distributions)

Mozilla Firefox to Drop Support of Mac OS X 10.4view story

http://www.linux.com – Open source browser says support for outdated operating system has been a hindrance, but promises users of older Mac versions will have time before they need to worry about an upgrade. (Software)

Aperture 3 available in the Apple Storeview story

http://digitizor.com – A few hours back, the Apple store was down. (HowTos)

Stable Kernel story

http://www.linux.com – Stable kernel has been released. It is fairly large set of patches, with changes all over the tree, along with at least one security fix. Users of 2.6.32 are, as usual, very strongly encouraged to upgrade. (Software)

Get rich quick by extorting university student pirates!view story

http://www.downloadsquad.com – Filed under: Fun, Internet (General)

News: One Dad's Take: Why Windows Could be Worse Than Teen Datingview story

http://www.raiden.net – Though most of the machines at home are currently Linux driven, there are a couple of Windows machines in the house that are used by my children for Software they Cannot Live Without. My teenager likes games, and my tweenager is quasi-addicted to iTunes.more ... (Distributions)