US copyright lobby claims free software undermines respect for intellectual propertyview story

http://rss.feedsportal.com – The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) wants countries such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam to be placed on the US government's blacklist of copyright sinners for supporting open source software (General)

Valve finally unveils an overhauled UI for Steam, and it's awesomeview story

http://www.downloadsquad.com – Filed under: Games (General)

UK.gov IT Minister Makes Open Source Gaffe Over Browsersview story

http://www.linux.com – Angela Smith hits wrong note on Opera The UK government’s current minister in charge of the IT brief has got her knickers in a twist over web browsers by wrongly stating that Opera is based on open source technology.…... (Software)

News: Is Linux Distro-hopping a Thing of the Past?view story

http://www.raiden.net – Distro-hopping is easy and fun. Linux users distro-hop to solve problems and to try new software. But is it necessary? Haven't most Linux distributions reached a state of polish that makes distro-hopping unnecessary? Brian Proffitt wonders.more ... (Distributions)

News: 7 of the Best Free Linux Configuration Management Toolsview story

http://www.raiden.net – Configuration Management is a term that may not be familiar to many Linux users. But for system administrators the concept will be well known. In a nutshell, Configuration Management software enables administrators to automatically manage the entire configuration of one or multiple computers.more ... (Distributions)

3 Utilities To Add More Options To The Context Menu In Windows 7view story

http://digitizor.com – The Right-Click Context Menu on your Windows 7 (or any other Windows Version)System has shortcuts to important functions or Programs that you use frequently. (HowTos)

How to install Sodipodi SVG Vector Editor in Ubuntuview story

http://gamblis.com – Sodipodi is a free and open source SVG Vector editor software for Linux and Windows system. With this software you can create and edit the vector design files, like CorelDraw in Windows OS. This tutorial will guide you to install Sodipodi in Ubuntu system. (Distributions)

Does using open sources software make you a pirate?view story

http://digitizor.com – According to the IIPA, an umbrella group for organizations like MPAA and RIAA, using open source softwares make you a pirate. Andreas Guadamuz, a lecturer in law at the University of Edinburgh, has discovered that an influential lobby group is asking the US government to basically consider open source as the equivalent of piracy. (HowTos)

Want to identify stangers on the street? There is an Android app for that!view story

http://digitizor.com – A Swedish firm, The Astonishing Tribe, is taking augmented reality to the next level with its new Android app, which they call Recognizr. The app allows you to gather information on a person and their online life simply by pointing your camera phone at their face. (HowTos)

Linux kernel R&D Worth Over 1B Eurosview story

http://www.linux.com – How much would it cost the European Union to cobble together the Linux kernel from scratch?…... (Software)