Wind River extends partner validation program to mil-aeroview story

http://www.linuxfordevices.com – Wind River expanded its partner validation program for Wind River Linux and VxWorks to the aerospace and defense market. (Embedded)

software raid - server is slowview story

https://www.centos.org – I would be a BIOS issue with SATA controller setup. You don't say what MB you have, but there may be an option for "AHCI mode" or "Enhanced mode" for the SATA controller in... [by pjwelsh] (Distributions)

Panoramic Photography: 30 Breathtaking Photosview story

http://www.hongkiat.com – (General)

KDE Celebrates Ada Lovelace Dayview story

http://dot.kde.org – Today is Ada Lovelace Day - a day to celebrate the achievements of women in science and technology. KDE has always been very welcoming and diverse with a comparatively large number of female contributors among free software communities. (Software)

openSUSE Education Li-f-e Updateview story

http://news.opensuse.org – The openSUSE Education team is happy to announce the availability of the updated openSUSE Education Li-f-e DVD iso. (Distributions)

Clonezilla Live 1.2.4, Review and Downloadview story

http://gamblis.com – Clonezilla has been my favorite disk cloning software to me. Its really easy to use and very powerful. Clonezilla is Debian based distro that specialized it self for disk cloning software. Current version of Clonezilla is version 1.2.4-28. On this release there are many updates and bug fixes. (Distributions)

Mint 9: An overview of the new featuresview story

http://www.linuxmint.com – In this blog post, I’ll only go through the features that are developed specifically for Linux Mint. System (Distributions)

Why I Am Against Software Patentsview story

http://linuxbsdos.com – The surprise to most people isn’t that I do not believe that software should be patentable. Given my long term interest in and coverage of free and open source software, I’m supposed to be at least mildly anti-establishment. It is also statistically unlikely that I would be in favor of patents, because industry sentiment is [...] (General)

Google Summer of Code 2010: Mentoring organisations announced (Linux Today)view story

http://linuxbizz.com – The H Online: “Google has published a list of the accepted mentoring organisations for this year’s Google Summer of Code (GSoC) event.” (read on…) (General)

Reviewed: VueScan 8.6.10view story

http://www.tuxradar.com – Can it be true: is this really a piece of scanning software that can recognise your scanner first time? On Linux? Read on for our verdict on this commercial scanning program that provides an impressive amount of control over the picture-grabbing process... read more (IT news)