Odd Message from Cron Daemon/ClamAV/AppArmor?view story

http://forums.opensuse.org – So I'm getting this email from (I think) the Cron Daemon every 3ish hours: > From: root@localhost.localdomain (Cron Daemon) > Date: > To: root@localhost.localdomain > Subject: Cron <root@localhost> /usr/share/clamav/freshclam-sleep (Distributions)

Outlook Social Connector now supports MySpace; Facebook soon!view story

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8000 iPhone and Android devices hacked to form a botnetview story

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Cannot change the Welcome message on the Login Screenview story

http://forums.opensuse.org – Using Yast2 I have been able to change the login screen from the default SUSE theme to the "circles" theme. I would like to change the welcome message from "Welcome to 'hostname'" to something more inviting, say: "A Warm Welcome to OpenSuse Linux". (Distributions)

Compare Linux Server Hosting And Windows Server Hostingview story

http://i486.net – Usualy , the choice to host your website depends upon the scripting language that is used in your website. If languages are PHP, MySQL, or Perl , Linux web server hosting is preferable. But if you are thinking for ASP Dot Net scripting language and MS SQL database , you should chose only Windows Based hosting. (General)

How To Share Files And Folders Between Windows Vista and Linux Mintview story

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Bing Gobbles Up Some of Yahoo's Search Market Shareview story

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Installing stock Debian with debootstrap - Software Raid0 failureview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Good afternoon, Hoping this is the correct forum to be posting in, this is my current dillema: I have a dedicated server with 2xSSD and 2xSATA drives currently installed - I've made both into Raid0 - MD1 = SSD /Boot, MD2 = SSD /, MD0 is simply the SATA. (HowTos)

ssh to remote host without passwordview story

http://ubuntuguide.net – By default we need type remote user’s password to access to remote host with ssh command.This tutorial shows how to configure to access remote host without password. First,assume: local host: remote host:,username:username we want to access to username@ from without password using ssh (HowTos)

Changing the "openSUSE 11.1" Logoview story

http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello, I am looking to change the "openSUSE 11.1" logo on top of the Preparation menu during the installation process as seen here: http://en.opensuse.org/images/thumb/...-install21.png. (Distributions)