Faster software VPN?view story

http://hardforum.com – I travel to China (Beijing and Shanghai) often for work and I utilize VPN software on my laptop while I am there to maintain access to the various sites that the Chinese government blocks. (Hardware)

[all variants] Operating rack mount server outside of cabinetview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, I have a dl385 g2 server along with 2 other servers. They are in a cabinet atm in my garage. How ever I would like to use one for playing games and know how to go about putting in a graphics card and have that all sorted. My problem now is whether it is safe to operate the server outside of the cabinet. (Hardware)

Unable to Find WiFi Interface on Arch Linuxview story

http://superuser.com – I am running Arch on VMWare and I am unable to find a WiFi interface. When I run ip link I get: When I try to ping www.google.com it says that it is an unknown host but when I ping I get a response. I have the Google DNS Servers on my resolv.conf file right now And that makes no difference from not even having a nameserver on there. I have wifi on the VMWare instance, (HowTos)

Scheduled Maintenance :: Multiple Serversview story

http://forums.hostgator.com – Hey Gators! (HowTos)

*BSD server market share as of 2014view story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Just curious, does anyone know a source of statistics on market share for various versions of various BSD OSes? Hopefully with methodologies that aren't completely out to lunch? :) A bit of Googling found me one company that did this sort of thing; but they listed the combined server market share of all the BSDs as less than 1%, and mostly on very low-end servers. (HowTos)

outgoing ssh fails from only one machine on lan to outside networkview story

http://superuser.com – I have multiple servers in my LAN (which I'll refer to as Box1), and they are all able to make outgoing SSH connections, except one that stopped recently, which I'll refer to as Box2 (actually, I'm not 100% sure it ever worked, but I think I would have run into this before now if it didn't). They are all running Centos 6.3, with openssh on non-standard ports. (HowTos)

Please help, HAProxy keeps switching between serversview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – I'm building an application in PHP + MySQL Database that allows college students to register an account and build up their university schedule for the current semester. - In page 1, students fill in their personal information - In page 2, they choose the classes they want to sign-up for - In page 3, they can see what their schedule will look like based on the classes they chose I have a HAProxy t (HowTos)

How to configure VMs to be browsed on Internetview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi all, How to configure VMs to be browsed on Internet One Static IP VMs - Apache web server running WordPress, having its own domain. OS host Ubuntu 14.04 desktop VMs Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian Each VM is a web server with website installed which can be browsed locally. I'm now searching for guides to make each VM to be browsed on Internet. (HowTos)

sftp with inactive idview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello Guru's I have run into a issue and wanted to get some inputs on it. I am not a linux expert but fair enough to keep myself afloat. (HowTos)

GCM's not being receivedview story

http://stackoverflow.com – H folks, Having an issue where GCM's aren't being received on Android devices. A few notes about the environment; App is deployed to hockeyapp for beta distribution Ruby GCM "gem" is being used within a Rails app to send push notifications. The response I'm getting from the google servers is "success". (HowTos)