Mandriva: 2010:128: lftpview story

http://www.linuxsecurity.com – LinuxSecurity.com: A vulnerability has been found and corrected in lftp: The get1 command, as used by lftpget, in LFTP before 4.0.6 does not properly validate a server-provided filename before determining the destination filename of a download, which allows remote servers to [More...] (Security)

30 Useful iPad Apps for Business & Presentationview story

http://www.hongkiat.com – Apple sold more than 1 million copies of iPads in the first 3 months. This gadget is definitely more than just a larger version of iPhone or iPod touch. With 4x the screen of an iPhone, the iPad’s display is ideal for reading and for presentations. (General)

Creating Tabs for your website in less than 10 mins. Jquery UI tutorialview story

http://techie-blogger.com – This is a very basic tutorial on utilizing the jquery UI tools in order to create features like tabs, slider, accordians etc… In this tutorial we discuss about making tabs using jquery UI within a span of 10 mins (General)

New donation pool to raise funds for Ripple developmentview story

http://linuxo.com – P2P Foundation: "A new donation pool has been created to raise funds for development of the Ripple project, with an initial contribution of $500.00. The final amount will be donated to the Ripple project to support the development of a standalone Ripple server to provide open decentralized payment through the Ripplepay site as well as other services using Ripple. (General)

Bubba Two WiFi reviewview story

http://linuxo.com – Linux User and Developer: "Bubba Two is not a new product, but the latest revision of this nifty little Linux-based home server sports two significant upgrades that warrant a closer look." (General)

Are Firms Leery of Open Source Servers?view story

http://redir.internet.com – To succeed, vendors that sell open source server software use 'proprietary' models. Or do they? (General)

Chrooting Apache2 With mod_chroot On OpenSUSE 11.2view story

http://howtoforge.com – Chrooting Apache2 With mod_chroot On OpenSUSE 11.2 This guide explains how to set up mod_chroot with Apache2 on an OpenSUSE 11.2 system. With mod_chroot, you can run Apache2 in a secure chroot environment and make your server less vulnerable to break-in attempts that try to exploit vulnerabilities in Apache2 or your installed web applications. (HowTos)

Full Circle Podcast #9: Playing a Unicycle and the Tromboneview story

http://fullcirclemagazine.org – Full Circle Podcast #9: Playing a Unicycle and the Trombone In this episode, a little later than scheduled; Unity, Gnome-Shell and UNE go head to head. News: Ubuntu in Business Event, More Maverick Development, Aptitude is out, (Distributions)

Escaping the corporate or educational firewall, or 'how to play FarmVille from work'view story

http://www.downloadsquad.com – Filed under: Internet, Security (General)

SuSE: 2010-025: Sambaview story

http://www.linuxsecurity.com – LinuxSecurity.com: The Samba server was updated to fix security issues and bugs. Following security issues were fixed: CVE-2010-2063: A buffer overrun was possible in chain_reply code in 3.3.x and below, which could be used to crash the samba server or potentially execute code. [More...] (Security)