PJSUA2 for Androidview story

http://android.stackexchange.com – Here i am developing an app using native android, when i run PJSUA2 sample app of PJSIP open source project in emulator it throws error. (HowTos)

MKXP on Androidview story

http://qt-project.org – Hi all, I’ve been toying around Ancurio’s MKXP project, Ancurio’s MKXP project [github.com] in an attempt to get a native port of To The Moon running on Android, but have ran into a bit of a sticky wicket just in setting things up. Would QT Creator be an ideal tool or would it be better to hack it together with CMake? (HowTos)

[xubuntu] Performance Regression after upgrade from Ubuntu Lucid to Trustyview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – I had a well running openframeworks project running on Xubuntu Lucid with opencv 2.4.8, CUDA 5.5 and the associated drivers on my Shuttle SH87R6 (QC i5-4670) with a GTX 780 (no unity, no compiz, no compositor). I (idiotically) choose to do the "security" updates, and since then my rendering time went from 0.033 seconds per frame to 0.2 seconds per frame. The code has not changed. (Hardware)

How to utilize a coordinates in GPS navigationview story

http://android.stackexchange.com – Hi im working on a final year project in my campus, where a student can locate where is his current location,by this, i am getting his current coordinates(LatLong), my question is, how do i record the building coordinates which are nearby with him, and matching with his current coordinates. (HowTos)

openSUSE Factory and Tumbleweed to Mergeview story

https://www.linux.com – The openSUSE project has announced that the "Factory" and "Tumbleweed" distributions will merge into a single rolling distribution (called "Tumbleweed").  The openSUSE project has announced that the "Factory" and "Tumbleweed" distributions will merge into a single rolling distribution (called "Tumbleweed"). There is also an FAQ posting about the merger. (Software)

Tumbleweed, Factory rolling releases to mergeview story

https://news.opensuse.org – With the release of openSUSE 13.2 in November, two of openSUSE’s open-source projects, the ‘Tumbleweed’ and ‘Factory’ rolling releases will be merging, and offered as a single openSUSE rolling release under the name ‘Tumbleweed’ Factory will remain the name of the development process where openSUSE’s new developments are integrated, with the tested, (Distributions)

Sprung From The Ashes Of Formspring, Spring.me Raises $5M To Create The “Friendliest Social Network”view story

http://techcrunch.com –  Spring.me, the new social network that was previously Formspring, has raised a total of $5 million in debt and equity seed funding from investors including Right Click Capital, Tank Stream Ventures, Nextec Strategic Capital, and Rubicon Project Founder Craig Roah. The company plans to use the funding to expand Spring.me in the U.S., where it just launched. Read More (IT news)

Qt 5.4 Beta, Windows Phone 8.1, White Screenview story

http://qt-project.org – Hi, I am trying to run a Qt-Quick (Qt 5.4 Beta) project on a Windows Phone 8.1. I tried deploying it from Qt Creator (3.2.2), as well as using qmake to generate the Visual Studio project and then deploying it from VS. Same outcome, the screen goes all white. I receive the expected debug output in VS, so the project is running well, it just displays nothing. (HowTos)

Qt 5.4 Beta, WinRT, Windows Phone 8.1, Playing audio files from resourcesview story

http://qt-project.org – I try to play audio files on WinRT as well as Windows Phone 8.1 without success. I have a Qt-Quick (Qt 5.4 Beta) project and I tried SoundEffect, Audio and MediaPlayer to play the sound. (HowTos)

[kde] plasma workspace disappeared after project neon updatesview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – My main workspace - kde plasma workspace has just disappeared. I also have project neon but that is, at least its supposed to be, separate and not stuff up your other desktops. Did the usual software updates, then it says you need to do an autoremove, nothing new there. Now my KDE Plasma is just gone. (Hardware)