The Difference Between Dual and Quad Core Dedicated Serversview story

http://dedicatedhostingweb.org – Although the internet is still considered a recent addition to modern technology, its rapid growth has created a user base of many millions around the world. (HowTos)

SUSE 10.3 Problems with HP Laser Jet 1200 connected to USB portview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – I have HP Laserjet 1200 which worked fine on Parallel port in earlier versions of SUSE. It works in windows even now. I install the printer with Yast. It does not print test page though connection is OK. I stopped using a usb hub which I was using earlier. Here is the output of hp-check. I donot know how to remove dependency problems and other errors. (HowTos)

LXer: Make your own Android apps with Google App Creatorview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Published at LXer: Build apps for your mobile phone from your browser with Google's creation suite. Google announced the App Inventor beta, a web-based, visual programming suite designed to create custom apps for Android-powered phones. (HowTos)

Google's App Inventor Lowers Bar on Android Mobile App Devview story

http://linuxo.com – Enterprise Mobile Today: "Developing applications for mobile devices is a task that usually involves a reasonable degree of programming knowledge and skills. In an attempt to make it easier to build mobile apps, however, Google is launching its new App Inventor for Android tool. " (General)

Google Makes Everyone an Android Devview story

http://www.linuxinsider.com – Google on Monday threw open its App Inventor beta program to the public. The tools used in this program let the user create mobile apps for the Android operating system, even if the user has very little programming knowledge. (General)

App Inventor lets you build your own Android app (well, soon: it's in closed beta)view story

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Continuous integration with Buildbotview story

http://linuxo.com – IBM Developerworks: "Summary: The days of cowboy coding are long gone at most organizations, replaced by a renewed interest in generating quality software. Continuous integration (CI) testing is a vital component in the practice of agile programming techniques that lead to high-quality software." (General)

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HP Labs India creates Internet-via-SMSview story

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Must have applications for your Ubuntu Linux machineview story

http://reviewglitz.com – Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx has been released about two months ago, and everything goes cool, till this time. How about adding a little more spice to your Ubuntu desktop. Lucid Lynx comes with Ubuntu software center, which is our starting point in this Ubuntu must have applications article.You can install these apps, by simply searching their names on Ubuntu Software Center. (General)