Does using open sources software make you a pirate?view story

http://digitizor.com – According to the IIPA, an umbrella group for organizations like MPAA and RIAA, using open source softwares make you a pirate. Andreas Guadamuz, a lecturer in law at the University of Edinburgh, has discovered that an influential lobby group is asking the US government to basically consider open source as the equivalent of piracy. (HowTos)

Want to identify stangers on the street? There is an Android app for that!view story

http://digitizor.com – A Swedish firm, The Astonishing Tribe, is taking augmented reality to the next level with its new Android app, which they call Recognizr. The app allows you to gather information on a person and their online life simply by pointing your camera phone at their face. (HowTos)

How to install Safari 4 in Ubuntuview story

http://digitizor.com – Safari is the default web browser in Mac OS X. Although it is meant primarily for Mac OS X, it is also available for Windows. However, no version of Safari is available for Linux. In this tutorial, w will tell you how to install Safari 4, the latest release of Safari, in Ubuntu. (HowTos)

Dalai Lama joins Twitterview story

http://digitizor.com – Guess what ? His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet has joined the world’s favorite micro-blogging website – Twitter. He, Tenzin Gyatso, (born: Lhamo Thondup) is the head of the Tibetan government-in-exile based in Dharamshala, India.  Tibetans traditionally believe him to be the reincarnation of his predecessors. (HowTos)

Playing Encrypted DVDs in Ubuntu: The Complete Guideview story

http://thelinuxblog.net – Playing DVDs in Ubuntu is a nightmare, especially the many commercial DVDs that are encrypted. It is hard to find a clear guide that covers all the different problems and how to solve them. This guide is your solution. 1. Open the Terminal by Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal. Type in: sudo -s [Enter] (Distributions)

Block Ads on Websites Without Installing A Plugin On Your Browserview story

http://digitizor.com – There already are many plug-ins and add-ons for various web browsers  that remove ads from all the websites you visit and provide you with a clean and clutter-free format of  the website for a better reading experience. (HowTos)

Get Alerts For All Your Favorite Sports – SportSpotterview story

http://digitizor.com – Amidst all your busy work schedule, it gets really tough to keep up with all the latest scores and updates from your favourite sporting events and matches. Going through various websites and news channels for the updates will only consume time out of your schedule. This is where SportSpotter comes to your rescue. (HowTos)

Happy 20th Birthday, Photoshopview story

http://digitizor.com – Photoshop, arguably one of the most popular image editing software out there, is now 20 years old. (HowTos)

Ubuntu One Music Store coming in Lucid Lynx powered by 7digitalview story

http://digitizor.com – Canonical is integrating a music store with the next release of Ubuntu, that is Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. Blogger Alan Pope have posted some screenshots of the new music store. (HowTos)

Kindle comes to BlackBerryview story

http://digitizor.com – Amazon has introduced a Kindle app (beta release) for BlackBerry devices [US only]. This Kindle app will provide more or less all the features of a regular Kindle e-book reader, just like the iPhone Kindle app. (HowTos)