WordPress 404 Pages: Essential Tips and Toolsview story

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How to install Gnome Terminator 0.92 on Ubuntu Karmic and Lucidview story

http://gamblis.com – This tutorial will guide you to install Gnome Terminator in Ubuntu Karmic and Lucid Lynx. Basically there are not much different between Gnome Terminator and ordinary Gnome Terminal on Ubuntu. But, the Gnome Terminator provide a capability to run multiple terminals in single window. (Distributions)

ASUS U6V Bamboo, Nature Inspired Notebookview story

http://gamblis.com – I was looking for a powerful notebook with green computing orientation. And I prefer choose the ASUS U6V, even its not a real green computer but the concept of this laptop is very interesting. The exterior of the ASUS U6V was inspired by tropical Bamboo plant. (Distributions)

Install Firefox Lorentz Beta and Gwibber in Fedora 12, Constantineview story

http://linuxers.org – Fedora users, now you can install the new Firefox Lorentz Beta 3.6.3 plugin1 and Gwibber in Fedora 12. As we have already seen Firefox Lorentz Beta comes with OOPPs which protects the browser in case of plugin crashes. (General)

Commit Digest: Issue 79view story

http://blogs.gnome.org – This week… 2112 commits, in 176 projects, by 296 happy hackers (and 263 were translation commits). (Software)

How to Install VLC Media Player in Ubantu?view story

http://lpilinux.com – Graphical way Open Synaptic (System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager). In Settings -> Repositories, make sure you have a “multiverse” repository activated. (HowTos)

Manage Comments Effectively. Get “My Comments Manager” Wordpress Pluginview story

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Firefox Lorentz Beta comes with Out of Process Plugin integrationview story

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ASUS P6T Motherboard for Intel Core i7view story

http://gamblis.com – Here you will find ASUS P6T Review, Photos and Specifications and Software Drivers I was looking for a powerful motherboard for my Intel Core i7 processor. I am currently testing the new ASUS P6T motherboard that uses the Intel X58 chipset as the main power on this mobo. (Distributions)

My Favorite FTP Client Softwareview story

http://gamblis.com – There are many free FTP client software. Below are some of the best FTP software for Windows Operating System. 1. Filezilla FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface. 2. (Distributions)