Gtk2-Perl: Gtk2 1.245 availableview story

http://sourceforge.net – Overview of changes in Gtk2 1.245: Fix two test failures. View the source in the Gtk2-Perl git repo at: http://git.gnome.org/browse/perl-Gtk2/tag/?id=rel-1-24-5 or download the source release at: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/gtk2-perl/Gtk2-1.245.tar.gz (Software)

Remove duplicates, tried several programs not wrkingview story

http://www.unix.com – Hi all I tried to remove duplicates using all code mentione dbelow but its not wroking it's seems busy please check it Code: sort -u filename.txt Code: perl -lne 'chomp; if(!defined $x{$_}){$x{$_}=1;print}' inputfile out of attached files log file(input) log2file(output) Attached Files logfile.txt (64.4 KB) logfile2.txt (41 (HowTos)

[ubuntu] Unresolved Dependencies Koha ILSview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi I'm trying to install Koha ILS following the instructions on koha-community wiki but keep ons getting this error... Quote: This error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time. (Hardware)

OpenShift Enterprise 1.0 announcedview story

http://www.linuxbsdos.com – OpenShift is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) product from Red Hat, Inc., a leading open source technology software outfit based in Raleigh, North Carolina. OpenShift is both a cloud platform and a free application that you can run on your hardware. (General)

A2p, error in the perl script?view story

http://www.unix.com – 1. (HowTos)

Choice of an OS for a home ZFS NASview story

http://serverfault.com – I am preparing a home NAS with an old Athlon 64 X2 3800+, 4 GB ECC RAM, Asus M2V MX motherboard, and a single 3 TB WDC Green (another one as mirror may be installed in the future). (HowTos)

Shorewall wont start because of selinux policyview story

http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi All, I am new Fedora and selinux and got caught out by shorewall not being able to start because of a policy problem with perl not being allowed to access a shorewall directory ..... at least that is what the journal log shows. From my searching the net, this sort of thing was an issue back in F14 days .. (HowTos)

Perl and qwview story

http://www.unix.com – hi Guys in perl i have the following Code: my @rooms = qw( blah blag blah ) ; That list of items can be generated from a command output Code: $ssh command how can i combine it so it dont have to manully need to add to that list something like this Code: my @rooms = qw(`$ssh comand`); thanks Adam (HowTos)

Convert UNIX to perlview story

http://www.unix.com – Hi, Can someone convert the code into perl ? Code: x=(a b c) y=(d e) times=$((${#x[*]} * ${#y[*]})) ((xi=yi=0)) for((i=1;i<=times;i++,xi++,yi++)) do  if((xi>${#x[*]}-1));then xi=0;fi  if((yi>${#y[*]}-1));then yi=0;fi  print ${x[$xi]},${y[$yi]} done (HowTos)

Return multiple values using for loop in perlview story

http://www.unix.com – I am using a for loop to copy files from say DIR1 and DIR2 to DIR3.I have to check whether files are copied from DIR1 and DIR2 and print the respective message. @path=("$DIR1","$DIR2"); foreach (@path) { $rc=system("cp $_/*xml $DIR3"); if ($rc == 0) { print "Files were copied successfully from $_\n"; } else { print "Files were (HowTos)