get-flash-videos - Download videos from youtube and othersview story

http://www.go2linux.org – get-flash-videos is a command line utility that let's you download videos from flash based sites. To install it on Arch Linux you can use yaourt First install a dependency. sudo pacman -Sy git <!--break--> Then run (HowTos)

How to Write Completely Unreadable Codeview story

http://fwebde.com – I've written before on how to write readable code. It can be good to write readable code, but today, let's take that in another direction. Let's learn how to write completely unreadable code. (Distributions)

Gtk2-Perl: GStreamer::Interfaces 0.06 availableview story

http://sourceforge.net – Overview of changes in GStreamer::Interfaces 0.06; Add GStreamer::XOverlay->handle_events. It is only available for gstinterfaces >= 0.10.12, so also add GStreamer::Interfaces->CHECK_VERSION to make version checks possible; Fix test failures. (Software)

Windows Vs. Linuxview story

http://i486.net – Note: One of the biggest misconceptions is that you must select the same operating system for your web hosting company you use on your own computer. It is simply not true. (General)

Web Development – Choosing Platform ‘linux or Windows’view story

http://i486.net – will talk about developing a website with anyone other than the collection of information on the type of site you need, an important (mandatory) will be a question?? â? Do you have a penchant for technology to be used to deploy the Web site? â ????< br /> (General)

Basic Advantages of Linux Web Hostingview story

http://linux.bihlman.com – Basic Advantages of Linux Web Hosting By Tina Hope (General)

Basic Web Hosting Needs and Linux Hosting Server Advantagesview story

http://i486.net – While browsing through the internet it does not matter which kind of server is used for hosting your site? Different web servers are utilized for various purpose of many website. The opinions of the various customers differ and thus they choose web servers according to their needs to promote their site ahead of the others in their required market area. (General)

openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 3 is out!view story

http://news.opensuse.org – (Distributions)

Perl Setup on Linuxview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi, I'm a Linux newbie and I have a bit of an annoying problem with running Perl scripts in Linux. My system is Ubuntu (Karmic Koala distro) and the problem I have is that Perl scripts I have written do not seem like they are being associated with the perl executable when I try to run them in a terminal. (HowTos)

Video: Perl Proudly Presentsview story

http://www.linux-magazine.com – The Perl Project is presenting its work more often at events, opening up for the community. CeBIT Open Source was one opportunity, and Perl member Gabor Szabo was giving an interview to Linux Magazine Online. (Distributions)