With IBM Funding, Microsoft Software Patents Are Targeted by Peer To Patentview story

http://techrights.org – Summary: IBM uses voluntary peer review to annotate software patents EVERY NOW and then we receive mail from Peer To Patent, which is an initiative whose method we disagree with because it helps legitimise software patents rather than just abolish the whole lot. (General)

Help Needed: Dead/Cancelled Microsoft Productsview story

http://techrights.org – Summary: Request for quick reports about Microsoft products which are being killed by Microsoft In late 2008 we began assembling a bunch of posts about products that Microsoft had begun axing. (General)

The Supreme Court Gets Another Chance to Kill Software Patents in the United Statesview story

http://techrights.org – Summary: North American patents on software are at stake again, but Microsoft is unlikely to let them burst into flames JOHN PAUL STEVENS (ABOVE) RETIRED after ruling along with his colleagues in the Bilski case. (General)

It’s Not About Linux on the ‘Desktop’view story

http://techrights.org – Summary: As more desks are being emptied or vacated owing to portability, it is portable devices that GNU/Linux needs to target; software patents are Apple’s and Microsoft’s only viable response PHONES (featurephones or smartphones) are a growth area which is further complemented by mobile devices like tablets. (General)

TechBytes Episode 16: Bribes for Reviews, GNU/Linux News, and Wikileaks Opinionsview story

http://techrights.org – Direct download as Ogg (1:18:53, 24.1 MB) | Direct download as MP3 (36.1 MB) Summary: Issues of the day are debated and treated as something gentle to end a Wikileaks-filled news week with TODAY’S show is the first show of this month. Rather than cover a lot of news we picked topics which we selected in advance all of for us to cover without preparation. (General)

Links 30/11/2010: Zeitgeist in KDE, New Gnome Shell Coverage, RHEL 6.0 Benchmarksview story

http://techrights.org – Contents GNU/Linux Distributions Devices/Embedded Free Software/Open Source Leftovers Clip of the Day GNU/Linux A history of viruses on Linux We recently gave you a brief history of viruses on the Mac and as requested by a user we wanted to give you a history of viruses on Linux. (General)

LXer: What We Do (and Don’t) Know about the Novell Patent Saleview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Published at LXer: Ever since the proposed acquisition of Novell by Attachmate Corporation there has been much curiosity, but almost no information, relating to the other major piece of the deal: the acquisition of 882 patents by a consortium led by Microsoft for $450 million. Read More... (HowTos)

TechBytes Episode 14: Software Patents in Phones, Android, and in Generalview story

http://techrights.org – Direct download as Ogg (1:53:45, 32.6 MB) | Direct download as MP3 (52.1 MB) Summary: This show concentrates on the smartphones market and in particular on how failing to compete based on technical merit alone, companies like Apple and Microsoft try to tax or ban their competition which is Linux based TODAY’S show finally touches the issue of software patents. (General)

LXer: Yes, Novell Owns Unixview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Published at LXer: When Novell first announced that it was being acquired by Attachmate for $2.2 billion, the question of who would retain ownership over Unix copyrights was an open issue. As part of the Novell sale, the company also revealed that it is selling 882 patents to a Microsoft-led technology consortium for $450 million. (HowTos)

Novell’s Last Week – Part III: AttachMSFT’s Promise to OpenSUSE is Not a Legal Commitmentview story

http://techrights.org – Summary: Advice to OpenSUSE now that a company without any affection towards free/open source software inherits the assets AttachMSFT is a rather hostile (towards GNU/Linux) takeover and OpenSUSE should fork as soon as possible. It needs a new trademark to go by because AttachMSFT owns it and it might treat it just like Larry Ellison’s Oracle treated OpenSolaris. (General)