problem with sopcastview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello everyone, I am trying to install sopcast to watch P2P tv but, I don't know what is wrong, I did the following: Install library libstdc++5 then sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jason-scheunemann/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install sopcast-player And it looks that installs fine, I got the icon on my applications >> sound and video menu but, when I tried to double (HowTos)

Ripple open decentralized payment systemview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Ripple is a project to develop an open source distributed (p2p) payment system. There's an operational implementation called Ripplepay. It's already useful for managing IOUs among friends and making small transactions (e.g. classifieds at Ripplexchange). With more people and businesses using Ripple it can grow into a more universal payment service. (HowTos)

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Love Ubuntu.. Here's the deal guuys. I'm in a hotel right now and apparently they got it blocked so that I can't download torrents or p2p. I plug straight into the lan. I don't know enough about networking. I know that torrent programs need access to certain ports to work. So is theyre firewall blocking the port? I've heard a proxy server can get around this problem for me. (HowTos)

LXer: Music sharing app sounds out Linuxview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Published at LXer: Spotify yesterday released a preview version of its peer-to-peer (P2P) music application for desktop Linux, packaged as Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 10.04. The software shares most of the features of the Windows and Mac OS X versions of Spotify, but requires Spotify Premium membership. (HowTos)

Music sharing app sounds out Linuxview story

http://www.linuxfordevices.com – Spotify yesterday released a preview of its peer-to-peer (P2P) music application for desktop Linux, packaged as a Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 10.04 package. The software shares most of its music sharing with the Windows and Mac OS X versions of Spotify, but currently lacks support for local audio files and is available only for Spotify Premium customers.... (Embedded)

The Pirate Bay hacked, user email and IP addresses in the hands of hairy Argentiniansview story

http://www.downloadsquad.com – Filed under: Internet, P2P (General)

Me TV – Digital television viewer for GNOMEview story

http://www.ubuntugeek.com – (HowTos)

New donation pool to raise funds for Ripple developmentview story

http://linuxo.com – P2P Foundation: "A new donation pool has been created to raise funds for development of the Ripple project, with an initial contribution of $500.00. The final amount will be donated to the Ripple project to support the development of a standalone Ripple server to provide open decentralized payment through the Ripplepay site as well as other services using Ripple. (General)

Pirate Party hosting Pirate Bay torrent site from “underground bunker”view story

http://apcmag.com – It’s a match made in P2P heaven as Sweden’s Pirate Party plays host to lawsuit-prone The Pirate Bay – with servers located in a former Cold War bunker in Stockholm! (IT news)

P2P Traffic Predicted To Double by 2014; Online Video to Dominateview story

http://www.dailytech.com – Cisco's Visual Networking Index expects global IP traffic growth of over 30 percent per year. (General)