How to upgrade Firefox on openSUSEview story

http://abybashit.co.cc – This tutorial will show you how to upgrade Mozilla Firefox to the latest stable version. openSUSE 11.3 shipped with Mozilla Firefox 3.6.6 and by the time of writing this post the latest version are 3.6.8-1.2. Some screen-shots are taken a few days ago so the information shown may seems not valid, but it shouldn’t change the purpose of this tutorial. (HowTos)

Open Suse 11.1 Reviewview story

http://osrevolution.com – Open Suse’s system administration suite YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) provides all of the standard configuration options and system administration options all in one place (something users of some other popular distributions bemoan, with Debian-based distributions generally being the biggest offenders in this department). (Distributions)