Internet Explorer 9 -- HTML5 video, faster than Chrome, and much moreview story

http://www.downloadsquad.com – Filed under: Microsoft, Browsers (General)

Fluendo Launches the Ultimate Media Center for Linux Operative Systemsview story

http://linuxbsdos.com – Fluendo has announced the release of its Media Center, a software application developed by the Spanish company. Fluendo Media Center’s versatility was evident from the off when it was used for reproducing a whole manner of multimedia in a variety of devices using completely different platforms. Whether on Windows, Linux or Open Solaris; on netbooks, [...] (General)

Samsung looks to 3G for its 2010 netbook pushview story

http://apcmag.com – The Korean colossus is set to sharpen its focus on 3G-enabled netbooks and will shortly add Vodafone to its set of telco partners for mobile broadband. (IT news)

Why did Linux turn out to be a complete flop on the netbook?view story

http://i486.net – Linux advocates claimed that Linux would be a major player in the netbook market. Unfortunately, Linux turned out to be a complete flop, like it is in every market. Very few companies sell netbooks with Linux operating systems. Anyhow, why did Linux end in failure in the netbook market? (General)

Special Download Edition Of The Hebrew Bible.view story

http://i486.net – This Is The Special Download Edition Of The Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) Produced By AllThingsHebrew.Com. It Is A High-quality Newly Typeset PDF Edition Of The Entire Hebrew Bible, Designed For Reading On Laptops, NetBooks, EBook Readers Etc. Special Download Edition Of The Hebrew Bible. (General)

Remmina-free and open-source Remote Desktop Client written in GTK+view story

http://ubuntuguide.net – Remmina is a remote desktop client written in GTK+, aiming to be useful for system administrators and travellers, who need to work with lots of remote computers in front of either large monitors or tiny netbooks.Remmina supports multiple network protocols in an integrated and consistant user interface. Currently RDP, VNC, XDMCP and SSH are supported. (HowTos)

Intel to Introduce Faster Atom Chip Mondayview story

http://www.linux.com – The N470 chip, a faster version of the "Pine Trail" processor for Netbooks, will be identical to the current 1.66GHz N450 but get bumped to a speed of 1.83GHz. (Hardware)

Apple Says No to Good Ideas "Every Day", Predicts Netbooks' Demiseview story

http://www.dailytech.com – "Well, we are the most focused company that I know of, or have read of, or have any knowledge of." - Tim Cook... (General)

iPad:A great mind mapping pad from Appleview story

http://blog.xmind.net – Again, on Jan. 28, Apple brought us another big surprise, iPad. The whole world are crazy and talking over it. On Twitter, Facebook, blogs and etc, iPad has been everywhere. The only word to describe it may be “amazing”. (Software)

Ubuntu Optimizes its OS for ARM CPUsview story

http://www.maximumpc.com – An ARM-based netbook running Ubuntu could be in your future with the newest version of  Ubuntu Netbook Edition. Much like Windows, the popular Linux distro did not previously have support for ARM processors. This meant you’d only see Ubuntu on Atom-based netbooks, a category dominated by Windows. (General)