Litespeed won't connect to MySQL "Error establishing a database connection"view story

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Installing PowerDNS With MySQL On CentOSview story

http://howtoforge.com – Installing PowerDNS With MySQL On CentOS PowerDNS is a MySQL-based DNS server, written in C++ and licensed under the GPL. PowerDNS can be managed through a web interface (PowerAdmin). This guide shows how to install it on CentOS. (HowTos)

Managing Data in MySQLview story

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How to Access MySQL Server remotely Over SSH?view story

http://lpilinux.com – we’ll just use port-forwarding through an SSH tunnel, so your MySQL client thinks it’s connecting to your localhost machine, but it’s really connecting to the other server through the tunnel. (HowTos)

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http://i486.net – will talk about developing a website with anyone other than the collection of information on the type of site you need, an important (mandatory) will be a question?? â? Do you have a penchant for technology to be used to deploy the Web site? â ????< br /> (General)