Firefox 4 Steps Out of the Shadowsview story

http://www.linuxinsider.com – Speed, power and user control are Mozilla's top three goals for Firefox 4, according to early product plans released Monday. (General)

Mozilla Lays Out Firefox 4 Roadmapview story

http://redir.internet.com – Speed, new features and browser market leadership against rivals including Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are at the top of open source vendors plans for its next generation technology. (General)

Firefox 4 to be "Super-duper Fast"view story

http://www.linux-magazine.com – Mozilla's director of Firefox promises enhanced speed, adherence to open standards in new Web browser. (Distributions)

Firefox 3.7 will become 4.0 -- Firefox 4, with updated Gecko, confirmed for later this yearview story

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Firefox 4 to be "fast, friendly and empowering"view story

http://www.zdnet.com – Mozilla's Director of Firefox Mike Beltzner has outlined the organization's plan for Firefox 4. According to Beltzner, the mission is to make the browser "fast, friendly and empowering." (General)

Fedora, Mozilla, and trademarksview story

http://linuxo.com – LWN.net: "Trademarks and free software can make a volatile mix. It is understandable that a project would want to ensure that code shipping under its name is "the real McCoy", but modifying the source and distributing the result is a hallmark of free software." (General)

Firefox Friday Four (yes, it's a slow week)view story

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Some how upgraded 9.10 beta to 10.04LTSview story

http://www.ubuntux.org – I just noticed that I had upgraded 9.10 beta to 10.04 LTS. [Too many installs to keep track of for this dementia bird] I did get a message about something not being able to connect to a repository part during install and have been getting the same message occasionally during updates. (Distributions)

Thunderbird 3.1 Beta 2 发布view story

http://linuxtoy.org – Mozilla 基金会旗下的跨平台开源邮件客户端 Thunderbird 发布了 3.1 Beta 2 版本,带来了 Personas 换肤支持! (Software)

Bordeaux 2.0.4 for Mac Releasedview story

http://wine-reviews.net – The Bordeaux Technology Group released Bordeaux 2.0.4 for Mac today. Bordeaux 2.0.4 for Mac is a final build and is considered stable. With this final release we can only support Snow Leopard 10.6.x and higher systems. (Software)