KDE Plasma Active: The Mobile Interface That Worksview story

http://www.linuxpromagazine.com – To express myself mildly, I'm not a fan of interfaces for mobile devices. At best, they seem clumsy makeshifts, tolerable only because nothing better is available. The only exception is KDE's Plasma Active, which not only works well on tablets, but, with its recently released version 3.0, remains the only mobile-inspired interface I can tolerate on a workstation (Software)

Synology® Releases Zarafa mail server package for its DiskStation & RackStationview story

http://www.zarafa.com – Synology Inc. today introduced the Zarafa package, an email and calendaring collaboration solution for DiskStation and RackStation users, which can be accessed through a web interface from multi-platform systems and supported mobile devices. (Software)

Zarafa Z-Push 2.0 Release to Facilitate ’Bring Your Own Device’ view story

http://download.zarafa.com – Zarafa, the European mobile messaging and collaboration specialist, proudly announces the availability of Z-Push 2.0 [http://zarafa-deutschland.de/z-push-download/final/2.0/]. Z-Push 2.0 not only supports ActiveSync version 14. As security and manageability have improved considerably, it is also easier now for administrators to manage users that ‘Bring Their Own Devices’. (Software)

Plasma Active - a New Approach to Tablet Computing view story

http://www.linuxjournal.com – Plasma Active takes a new approach to touchscreen devices and tries to offer more than a set of applications for simple tasks. More than a desktop or even a notebook computer, a touchscreen device is likely to be carried around and used in different contexts, for different purposes. (Software)

KDE announces the Make Play Live Partner Networkview story

http://dot.kde.org – In the wake of the announcement of the first ever KDE powered tablet, quite a few interesting things are happening in the background. One of them is the formation of a professional Partner Network for devices such as the Vivaldi tablet. Nine organizations have already joined, and so can your organization. (IT news)

Run with MeeGo Linux - What's new in 1.1? view story

http://www.linuxjournal.com – The MeeGo Project has had multiple releases and has progressed significantly since its announcement in February 2010. This article provides an overview of the MeeGo Project for newcomers, a review of the benefits MeeGo Linux provides to the players in the mobile ecosystem, and discusses the features in the latest MeeGo 1.1 release, announced October 28, 2010. (Software)

Trend Micro Has A Bad Case Of Open Source Foot In The Mouthview story

http://www.networkworld.com – Adding salt to the wound was that Chang was trying to say that Android had security issues compared to Apple's iOS. Fact is there are many in the security field and (General)