MEPIS 12 Second Alphaview story

http://www.mepis.org – The second test release of MEPIS 12, version 11.9.70 has been upload for distribution to the mirror sites. This is an Alpha quality release, which means that it is incomplete and may not install correctly on your hardware. There has been an update to a 3.5.2 kernel, and the installer has been improved to work partially with EFI-GPT formatted drives. (Distributions)

MEPIS 12 Early Alphaview story

http://www.mepis.org – MEPIS 12 early alpha, version 11.9.60, has been uploaded. Subscribers can get it now. It should get to the public download sites within 48 hours. (Distributions)

11.0 Alpha 3 Released to Testers on MEPIS Anniversaryview story

http://www.mepis.org – Nov 21, 2010 9AM EST -- It was 8 years ago today that the MEPIS Linux project started when Warren Woodford decided to build a version of Linux that would be easy to try from CD, easy to install from the live environment, and easy for everyone to use. (Distributions)

SimplyMEPIS 11.0 Goes Alphaview story

http://www.mepis.org – Nov 10, 2010, 10AM EST -- The first Alpha grade release of SimplyMEPIS 11.0 has been uploaded to the MEPIS master site. It is available for immediate download by MEPIS subscribers. The global ISO mirrors should make the files available to the general public within 24 hours. (Distributions)