Always on Visible Workspace (or Sticky) button for Unityview story

http://askubuntu.com – I would like to have the ability to have a button in Unity windows that causes the window to appear on all workspaces. I know you can accomplish this by accessing the window menu and clicking 'Always on Visible Workspace' but I'd like a button like close, minimize, maximize. (HowTos)

KxDocker is an innovative docker for KDE based on the engine from osXBar.view story

http://linuxlandit.blogspot.com – KXDocker is a program for the Linux operating system created by Ing. Stefano Zingarini. It resembles the "Dock" of Mac OS X in that it is mainly used as an application launcher. It supports themes, plugins and a few extra features (there is documentation on creating your own themes). (HowTos)

Technology News: 9 Most Read Channel Partner Stories, March 16view story

http://www.thevarguy.com – The VAR Guy is turning one eye to the weekend while wrapping up blogging for this week. But before our resident blogger escapes for a little R&R, here are the nine most read technology news stories and channel partner blogs for the week ending March 16, 2012. 9. (IT news)

Remove both unity and gnome in Ubuntu 11.10view story

http://askubuntu.com – TL;DR: Can I remove completely unity and gnome3 but keep compiz? Long Version: I really gave a go both to unity and to gnome3. I really did. (HowTos)

Pano Logic Focuses on Customer Needs for Channel Salesview story

http://www.thevarguy.com – Pano Logic loves its customers and loves its partners, so how can it turn that love into a giant cornucopia of channel adoration? It’s simple, now that Pano Logic has created a VP of Customer Success position. (IT news)

Live in TTY Challengeview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – Window managers and xorg make life too easy.  To one-up our linux prowess, I challenge thee to a TTY challenge.Objective: Live in TTY for as long as you canRules:1. No xorg or any app that requires X.2. (HowTos)

What login manager do you use?view story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – As always, apologies if this has been covered before.I wonder what login managers people here are using? Is it typical to use the default (GDM/SLiM depending on the version you have installed)? I would not have even wondered about DMs if not for the whole "SLiM ate my music" issue -- after that I installed LightDM and I like it. (HowTos)

What different WM's are available on ubuntu?view story

http://askubuntu.com – What are the various Window Managers that is available to a user on ubuntu and how can I install them? (HowTos)

[ubuntu] vmware user agent fails to startview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – I have ubuntu running as a guest in vmware player. I have installed the vmware tools, and everything was going smoothly. I was able to copy paste texts between host & guest. But yesterday I tried with lubuntu and played around a bit with display managers. But suddenly copy pasting texts between host and guest is not working. I have re-installed vmware tools. (Hardware)

[kubuntu] 8.04 copy dd / cp to larger partition and upgradeview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello to all of you, this is my first post here and I hope to meet the cracks here to find the solution for my multi OSX System. So, my Problem is: I worked with Kubuntu 8.04 on my Lifebook E8110, Core2duo, Intel ICH7 chipset, GMA945 Graphics and I have to move my system. (Hardware)