Replace special charactersview story

http://www.unix.com – I have a line ending with special character and 0 The special character is the field separator for this line in VI mode the file will look like below, but while cat the special character wont display i know the hexa code for the special character ^_ is \x1f and ascii code is \0037, Code: 000^_^_^_^_^_^_0.000000^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_0^_0.000000^_^_^_^_0^_0^_^_^_0 I can fi (HowTos)

[ubuntu] Audio Feedback (More info inside)view story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Alright, so as it stands right now im getting a bit of feedback from a particular setup. I have done quite a bit to try and figure out exactly what is causing it and have come up empty. The end goal is for me to have my two computer systems (One running windows 7 and the other using ubuntu) share a common audio system. (Hardware)

3 Dead-Wrong, Yet Common Complaints About Unity & Ubuntuview story

http://www.makeuseof.com – Do you hate Ubuntu’s new interface, Unity? Do you think Ubuntu is making a huge mistake by changing things, and will inevitably crash and burn because of this?You’re wrong. Ubuntu can’t go back to Gnome 2, and Unity’s a great step forward for Ubuntu and Linux in general.It’s not that you’re alone in your opinion. (General)

Nagios not accepting regex in commandview story

http://serverfault.com – I have this command defined: define command{ command_name check_http_sane command_line $USER1$/check_http -H $HOSTNAME$ -r "HTTP/1.1 (200|301|302|303|304|307|401|418|426)" } When I run it manually on command line, it works fine, but nagios (2.6) reports a "pattern not found" error. Do I need to escape something? (HowTos)

How to determine / make sure whether hard-disks have spun down when using "hdparm" options?view story

http://askubuntu.com – I want to spin down some hard-disks when they are idle. So I used hdparm package. In the /etc/hdparm.conf I added following lines: command_line { hdparm -Ss 241 /dev/sda } My intention was to spin down hard disk after 30 minutes of idle time. However, my problem is, how I know for sure whether hard disk has spun down (assuming that it had exceed idle time of 30 minutes)?? Any ideas? Tips?? (HowTos)

Cannot boot Ubuntu with a Samsung dual graphics card laptopview story

http://askubuntu.com – I need to download a driver for my graphics card as I cant boot ubuntu. How\where can I download it so I can run it from the laptop into ubuntu as I cant see anything. (HowTos)

Netbook Launcherview story

http://askubuntu.com – I'm using ubuntu 11.10 with gnome 3 in fallback mode, how can I install and launch ubuntu netbook launcher? I Found in synapting Package Manager, Netbook-launcher package, but when I try to launch it from command line, i received this response: netbook-launcher: command not found (HowTos)

How to return value from expect script?view story

http://www.unix.com – Hi there. There is a shell script: Code: #!/bin/bash ARGS=`(grep -i $1 old.txt || grep -i $1 new.txt) |awk 'BEGIN {FS=","}{print "\x27" $5 "\x27"}' | tr "\n" " "` /usr/bin/expect -- << EXPECTEND spawn -noecho myssh myhost.localnet log_user 0 expect root log_user 1 send "/home/one.pl $ARGS\r" set val $expect_ou (HowTos)

unable to ssh into local hostview story

http://serverfault.com – I cannot seems to ssh to localhost on my osx machine ➜ ~ ssh -vvv localhost OpenSSH_5.2p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8r 8 Feb 2011 debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh_config debug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 0 debug1: Connecting to localhost [] port 22. debug1: Connection established. debug1: identity file /Users/sgaddipati/.ssh/identity type -1 debug3: Not a RSA1 key file /Users/sgaddipati/. (HowTos)

[ubuntu_mobile] kernel 3.0.0-15 intel moble video issueview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi all; FYI, Dell e5510 laptop with I915 graphics. Updated to the latest kernel (3.0.0-15) and the onboard lcd ( eDP1) stopped working. (Hardware)