Upcoming KDE SC 4.4 Gains Positive Reviewsview story

http://dot.kde.org – Over the past week many reviews of the first beta of version 4.4 of our Software Compilation have surfaced. Here are a few of them that we unearthed during some diggin' on the web. read more (Software)

Exploring New Nepomuk Features in Mandriva Linux 2010view story

http://dot.kde.org – You have probably heard of Nepomuk, the semantic desktop technology we've been shipping for a while as part of the KDE Platform. However, so far, you may not have noticed it really doing very much useful for you. So what is this thing called Nepomuk, what can it do for us now and what will it bring us in the future? (Software)

KDE Windows Team Releases Applications from Software Compilation 4.3.4view story

http://dot.kde.org – Following shortly after the release of KDE SC 4.3.4 for Linux and similar platforms, the KDE Windows team is pleased to announce the release of the latest KDE software for the Wi (Software)

KDE Software Compilation 4.4 Beta 1 Releasedview story

http://dot.kde.org – Today the KDE team makes available the first beta release of what will become KDE Software Collection 4.4. (Software)

Krita Team Seeking Sponsorship to Take Krita to Next Levelview story

http://dot.kde.org – At the KOffice meeting in Oslo the Krita team had a meeting to put the finishing touches to an ambitious plan. On hearing about it the Dot managed to lure two of the Krita developers in a separate room to question them and find out what was going on. Nobody got seriously hurt in the process. (Software)

KOffice Meeting Day Twoview story

http://dot.kde.org – New day, new KOffice work. The team met for lunch at 8 and arrived in the office around 9. After Inge opened the day again everybody took a while to check mail and news. Then it was time for work. Read on for more! (Software)

KDE Software Compilation 4.3.4 Released: Codename "Cold"view story

http://dot.kde.org – KDE SC 4.3.4's codename "Cold" refers to the feature freeze, KDE's development tree is currently in. This Thursday will see the first beta of KDE SC 4.4, bringing significant improvements to the KDE development platform, the Plasma desktop and the individual applications shipped with KDE SC 4.4. (Software)

KDE Community Forums Announce the Continuation of Klassroomview story

http://dot.kde.org – Early on in the lifetime of the KDE Community Forums, the staff launched regularly-held courses for people willing to help KDE called "Klassrooms". (Software)

KOffice 2.1 Releasedview story

http://dot.kde.org – The KOffice team is very happy to announce version 2.1.0 of KOffice, 6 months after the platform release 2.0.0. This release brings a number of new features as well as general improvements in the maturity of the individual applications. (Software)

Repositioning the KDE Brandview story

http://dot.kde.org – KDE has changed over the past 13 years. The application framework has grown, matured and gone cross-platform, as have the applications. Strong growth in our community has created an increasingly diverse and large set of high-quality applications. (Software)