Ultimate Edition 2.6view story

http://www.linoob.com – Ultimate Edition is an operating system based on Ubuntu, which is itself based on Debian. The creators aim was to create a better user experience and improved usability. Its a third-party Ubuntu derivative. (General)

Android 2.2, Froyo, is faster, more powerful and has a lot of Impressive Featuresview story

http://linuxers.org – At the Google I/O Developer conference, the Internet Giant announced the release of Android 2.2, Froyo, the next major update. In any computing device, good speed is something which is always appreciated and Android 2.2 comes with some impressive speed and performance improvements along with a bunch of new features. (General)

I Use Couch DB, Awesome Rapview story

http://linuxers.org – yo, Chris whatup, Claire? I got a database problem that I gots to share I hate MySQL it's giving me tears This ALTER-TABLE statement is gonna take years Not need to trip on a funky query Use Map Reduce and JavaScript with CouchDB (General)

Simple "Call To Action" Button With CSS & jQueryview story

http://www.hongkiat.com – Call to action in web design is a term used for elements in a web page that solicit an action from the user (clicking, hovering, etc). Today we’re going to create an effective and awesome call to action button with some CSS and jQuery that grab the user’s attention and entice him to click . (General)

A Look At Internet Forum Designview story

http://fwebde.com – I enjoy hanging around forums once in a while. You might, too. They are a great way of promoting your blog, for asking questions and getting help with problems, and just to chat once in a while. (Distributions)

Google Accelerates Chrome 5 Betaview story

http://redir.internet.com – Latest Chrome beta integrates Flash directly and boosts Javascript performance. (General)

Google Chrome now alerts you if a site has its own extension (check it out!)view story

http://www.downloadsquad.com – Filed under: Google, Browsers (General)

Gianduia- An Alternative to Flashview story

http://www.chaaps.com – (General)

GNU Emacs 23.2 发布view story – GNU Emacs 23.2 已经发布。该版本加入了 CEDET 开发工具套件和用于编辑 Javascript 的模式。同时,GNU Emacs 23.2 的默认邮件撰写模式现在为 Message 模式,并对其他部分进行了改进。 (Software)

jQuery Image Galleries & Sliders – Best Ofview story

http://www.hongkiat.com – (General)