[ubuntu] Too many open files problems on Ubuntu Serverview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – I am running a rational Jazz Team Server - and it is hosted within tomcat. When running the server I very very very frequently get the following errors: java.util.zip.ZipException: Too many open files basically - I need to raise the limits for the amount of open files I can have in my system. (Hardware)

Ellison Fumbles Testimony in High-Stakes Java Caseview story

http://ectnews.com.feedsportal.com – If there were any doubts as to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's attitude toward Google, those were dispelled in his testimony on Tuesday morning in a San Francisco U.S. District Court courtroom. Oracle has filed suit against Google, alleging that that its Android mobile operating system infringed on patents that Oracle acquired in 2009, when it bought Sun Microsystems. (General)

Framework recommendations neededview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi all, I want to develop a new project that must run on: Linux Windows Android iPhone Blackberry Web browser Yeah I know, tall order. I have been spending some time working with NME and Haxe... (Hardware)

Oracle Spending $5 Billion to Simplify the I.T. Experienceview story

http://www.thevarguy.com – Oracle Group VP of Product Marketing Bob Shimp told roughly 100 industry analysts today that Oracle is determined to simplify the IT experience for customers, while unleashing the power of extreme innovation. (IT news)

Older Sabpab Trojan uncoveredview story

http://www.itwire.com – While Mac users have been worrying about the Sabpab malware that exploits the same Java vulnerability that was used by Flashback.K, it turns out that a version exploiting an old Word vulnerability has been circulating since February. (IT news)

Announcing the release of Fedora 17 Betaview story

http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Quote: Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... the Beta release of Beefy Miracle! Flying 'round the world at the speed of the intertubes, delivering progress, mustard, and freedom to the masses. We are delighted to announce the availability of the Beta release of Fedora 17. Want to get a taste of the future? (HowTos)

Kchmviewer is a free, open-source chm (MS HTML help file format) viewer written in C++ for Unix.view story

http://linuxlandit.blogspot.com – Kchmviewer is a free, open-source chm (MS HTML help file format) viewer written in C++ for Unix. Unlike most existing CHM viewers for Unix, it uses Trolltech Qt widget library, and could optionally be compiled for better KDE integration. It does not require KDE, but may be compiled with KDE widget support. Since version 5.0 it uses the Webkit API to show the content. (HowTos)

Oracle, Google Fisticuffs Begin in Earnestview story

http://ectnews.com.feedsportal.com – While it won't likely go down as the "trial of the century," the legal showdown between Oracle and Google that began in San Francisco federal court on Monday could still be quite significant. The case has already been characterized as "the World Series of IP cases" by U.S. District Judge William Alsup, who is presiding over the trial. (General)

unable to enable java plugin on chrome or firefoxview story

https://www.centos.org – Hi,I'm sorry if I wont provide all the details but inform me if something is missingi installed jre6.0_3_1 and created the symlink (ln -s /java/jre.. etc) that the java forum... [by powerover] (Distributions)

Another Mac drive-by malware scareview story

http://www.itwire.com – Another piece of Mac malware has turned up. It uses the same Java drive-by vulnerability exploited by Flashback.K. (IT news)