10 Useful Dreamweaver Tips For Beginnersview story

http://www.hongkiat.com – A Dreamweaver user will definitely reckon what a powerhouse it is. Packed with tonnes of features, options and debatably one among the most well known IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in today’s market. It may not meet the criteria that some developers demanded however, Dreamweaver undeniably provides a decent range of development, collaborating and coding tools. (General)

old ppc iBook g3 xorg display issuesview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – So currently im attempting to resurect an old ibook with debian and ran accross an issue with the display after installing xorg. (HowTos)

Internet Radio Streamview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – I use an old PC for playing Internet Radio. No matter witch player i use (mpg123, moc) after a few minutes it stops working for about 5-10 seconds. I tried several streams but always got the same issues :( I run Linux Mint XFCE on it.thanks for help,Knubbel (HowTos)

Resuming lfs buildview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Happy Holidays! I am trying to build CBLFS, I understand that I need to build CLFS first. I have some doubts - 1. Can I use parted magic live cd (x86) to build CLFS-x86_64. Parted loads fast and is flexible. I tried build with LFS Live CD but there are issues building latest stable LFS with 2.6.22 kernel in LFS Live CD. I can use openSUSE as well but I dont have much space in /home. 2. (HowTos)

location of temporary files from internet? audio skippingview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – Hi,I am running the latest Statler, fresh install, after trying out Xubuntu (Gah what was I thinking?!)Anyways, with the last version I had, I used to be able to go to: / ->tmp and rescue some temporary files from the internet that I had forgotten to save copies of and some MP4s etc.  Now, there are none showing up in that folder. Where are those temporary files now? (HowTos)

Report: Google TV Issues Force Logitech to Kill Revue Shipmentsview story

http://www.dailytech.com – Box will likely be reinstated in February with the Android Marketplace active (General)

[SOLVED]Networkmanager doesn't remember settingsview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – Dear All,I am having many issues with Statler at the moment, but that one might be an easy one to solve...well hopefully!I am wired to my router and therefore I unticked the "enable wireless" box in the networkmanager applet. (HowTos)

Newsreader Pan issues?view story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – I occasionally use Pan as a news reader (once a month or so) and this week I started it up and my mouse froze. It seemed that the whole computer was frozen (or Pan started using 100% of CPU time). Eventually Pan shut down and I was able to resume using the PC. I'm running Debian Lenny. (HowTos)

Links 23/12/2010: FOSS is Not “Non-commercial”, Firefox 4 Beta 3 for Mobileview story

http://techrights.org – Contents GNU/Linux Distributions Devices/Embedded Free Software/Open Source Leftovers Clip of the Day GNU/Linux Desktop How to test if a laptop is working with Linux One interesting observation is that Ubuntu Lucid has almost twice the framerate than RHEL6 with glxgears. No idea why. Kernel Space Removing the big kernel lock. (General)

How the Debian team deal with romanceview story

http://www.go2linux.org – This comes from http://xkcd.com We all know that romance requires dating, and other stuff, so that demand time, time the Debian developers may not have, so they are going to take the time they use for the project and use it in dating. (HowTos)