Brightcove to Make HTML5-based IPad/IPhone Advertising Easyview story

http://www.dailytech.com – New platform should reduce the work it takes to deploy an ad-driven news site... (General)

Apple now owns "iPad" trademarkview story

http://blogs.zdnet.com – You might remember that when Apple finally confirmed to the world that its tablet-based iPhone on steroids would be called the iPad, that it was noted that the iPad trademark didn't belong to Apple but to Fujitsu. Well, just in time for the launch Apple now owns the iPad trademark: (General)

Apple iPad Hacked Versionview story

http://gamblis.com – George Hotz, the popular iPhone hacker was informed that he can crack and hack the new Apple iPad gadget. The Apple iPad was launched few days ago, and now its available in hacked version. (Distributions)

Apple needs to fix iTunes before the iPad, part twoview story

http://www.itwire.com – The only officially sanctioned app to maintain Apple's i-devices - the iPod, iPhone and soon iPad - is iTunes. Yet, it has failed to keep up with the modern family's fleet of such gadgets. Here’s another problem Apple needs to address. (IT news)

Geohot hots up iPad jailbreak expectationsview story

http://www.itwire.com – Famed iPhone hacker, George Hotz, has brought forth news of an untethered iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 2nd Generation and iPod Touch 3rd Generation jailbreak, which will “probably work on the iPad, too”. (IT news)

Behold the BPhone: Yeah! or meh?view story

http://www.itwire.com – China’s phone manufacturers have cooked up all kinds of interesting smartphones, from iClones to the real deals under contract from western tech companies, and now Linux geeks can get their geek on with a tablet PC-like smartphone, but does it beat the Android gPhones or the real Apple iPhone? (IT news)

Will iPad games cost too much, or does it not matter?view story

http://www.itwire.com – Reports that iPad games will cost more than iPhone and iPod Touch games have arisen through leaked screenshots of iPad App Store pricing for “HD” versions of existing iPhone games recreated for the iPad, but will higher pricing truly prevail? (IT news)

iPad to get iPorn and/or ‘explicit’ apps?view story

http://www.itwire.com – A news report says that the iPad app store will soon get an “explicit” section into which the adult and explicit content that was recently cleansed from the iPhone app store will go into. (IT news)

[other] Brand New Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT & Kenwood DDX714 (DDX-714) F/Sview story

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US $17.99 per month for WSJ on iPad!!view story

http://www.itwire.com – Just as the iPhone and iPod Touch monetised a vast array of apps and games which were being given away free on the regular Internet, so too is the iPad set to give content publishers a way to charge for subscriptions with the Wall Street Journal reporting that it plans to charge US $17.99 per month for iPad subscribers. (IT news)