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http://gamblis.com – Here is the new updated Firmware for your Apple iPhone 3GS. This is the Firmware for iPhone 3GS Version 3.1.3. You can download this firmware and then manually install this iPhone Firmware manually. This updated Firmware fixes many problem often found on standard iPhone 3GS firmware. (Distributions)

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Radare: 命令行下的 Hex 编辑器view story

http://linuxtoy.org – Radare 是一款有点高级的命令行 Hex (十六进制)编辑器。它不仅随附了许多有用的工具,包括 rasm(汇编/反汇编)、radiff(bindiffer)、rax(base 转换)、rasc、rabin、rahase 等,而且可运行于 Linux、Windows、Maemo、iTouch/iPhone 等多种平台。 (Software)