[all variants] Screen turns off after visiting certain web-pagesview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hey guys! After having issues on my Ubuntu 14.04 with Gnome, I decided, that I erase everything from my laptop (dell vostro a860) - including the unused windows - and start from scratch. After formating and making new partition, my completely fresh Xubuntu 14.04.1 is just turning off my screen after accessing this: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95346?hl=en and clicking on the install b (Hardware)

Deal Intel i7 5820K $329 free shippingview story

http://forums.anandtech.com – http://www.frys.com/product/8133815?...%20date:101714 Cheapest price I have seen for this processor (outside of the $299 Micro Center In store price) (Hardware)

Poor video performance on intergrated Intel graphics?view story

http://crunchbang.org – look, is this the model?afaiu it's been released in feb 2010, so not the newest anymore.i don't really see how getting newer drivers would help there?and sorry for the confusion about gma500. forget it.searching "linux thinkpad x201 grphics", i stumbled upon this and this. (HowTos)

Linux Kernel 3.15.5 Is Now Available for Downloadview story

http://news.softpedia.com – The fifth maintenance release of the current stable Linux kernel package, version 3.15, was announced last evening, July 9, by none other than Greg Kroah-Hartman. The release introduces numerous improvements and bug fixes. (IT news)

New build, first Linux PC, what could go wrong? ;)view story

http://www.phoronix.com – Hi all, I'm new here and have not built a system since the early PC days. I hope to soon have a new rig with only Linux. It will be a budget build, but not too budget since I want a spiffy Z97 mobo and the new unclocked pentium. Surely the pentium will work with Linux. Will all Z97 boards work? (HowTos)

How to? Lucid Virtu MVP (Z77 sniper M3)view story

http://forums.anandtech.com – Hi, I'm just wondering on how will i utilize lucid virtu MVP on my rig. I currently have a GTX 780 and a G1 sniper M3 from gigiabyte. Is this setup beneficial or there are issues with this? One more issue that I have is that I don't see the intel HD graphics icon in my notifications. You're insights would be appreciated :) thanks! (Hardware)

New hardware, any thoughts to The build ? should i sli ? or maybe g-sync monitor?view story

http://www.overclock.net –  "CPU Intel Core i7 4770K 3.5GHz˜ 4.4GHz/ Noctua NH-U14S cooler GPU ..." (Hardware)

Intel 80 GB SSD320 seriesview story

http://www.overclock.net –  "Bought new November 2011. It was used about 2 months when purchased and just recently..." (Hardware)

FS: PNY GTX 560 Ti OC, LGA 775 "Q9650" Quad Core Combo, Kingston HyperX 2gb Kitview story

http://hardforum.com – PNY GTX 560 Ti OC 1GB Video Card - Comes with card only and in good working condition as well. Looking for 75 - > 70 -> 65 dollars shipped via USPS priority mail con USA. LGA 775 quad core combo for sale. Looking for 115 -> 110 dollars shipped for the whole package con USA. (Hardware)

PSU making noises coinciding with bad gpu?view story

http://superuser.com – I recently experienced some strange behavior from my system and I wanted to get your opinions on what it could be. (HowTos)