10 Indie Games for Linux part 2view story

http://linuxaria.com – This is the second part of my article regarding Indie games for Linux. In the first part i’ve listed 5 Indie game freely downloadable for Linux, and on this one i’ll present you 5 games that must be bought before you can download them. Today games are: Towns, Eschalon, Survivors of Ragnarök, Atom Zombie Smasher and Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. (Software)

Bitfighter multi-player Indie game, needs you.view story

http://linuxaria.com – Bitfighter is a free multi-player 2-D space combat game with Robotron-like controls. It’s a team-based strategy game featuring retro vector graphics and customizable ships. It’s fast, fun, and frenetic. Bitfighter centers around creating and playing levels made by others. This is done by players hosting servers. (Software)