KDevelop 4.5 Releasedview story

http://kdevelop.org – KDevelop is KDE's integrated development environment. Firstly, in this new version you will find brand new integration for Unit Tests, so that you can easily run and debug them while working on your projects. (Software)

KDevelop 4.4.0 Releasedview story

http://kdevelop.org – The KDevelop team is happy to announce the immediate availability of KDevelop 4.4. As usual, this feature release comes packed with new features, bug fixes and improved performance. New in this release is a shiny welcome screen for improved usability and an easier entry into the KDevelop world. (Software)

KDevelop 4.2.2, KDevelop-PG-Qt 0.9.5 released, new website launchedview story

http://kdevelop.org – KDevelop 4.2.2 fixes dozens of bugs. Many thanks to all the contributors who made this possible. Every user is urged to upgrade to this new release. Packagers are notified, most people should hence just wait for an update in their distribution. As usual this release also contains a new version of the PHP language plugin for KDevelop. (Software)

Qt Creator 2.1.0 releasedview story

http://labs.qt.nokia.com – The overall agenda for Qt Creator 2.1.0 was enhanced Qt Quick and mobile application support. And of course it got lots of improvements in all other areas as well. (Software)

KDevelop IDE 4.2 Releasedview story

http://dot.kde.org – New features and other notable changes: improved C++ support, find and replace in files, more embedded documentation, improved problems toolview, rename assistant, better handling of locked sessions (Software)