Shuttleworth heir opens up on Ubuntu biz (The Register)view story

http://linuxbizz.com – Canonical kingdom spans 10 million machines When you have Mark Shuttleworth as your backer, as commercial Linux distributor Canonical does, it is a bit like having money in the bank when the bank also believes fervently in your cause. (General)

DWL-G122 Version C1 -- suse 11.1 -- it works but I can not connectview story

http://forums.opensuse.org – Dear forum users, I am new to this community even thought I have been using suse for quite a while. At the moment I have a linux pc with opensuse 11.1 with kernel #1 SMP 2010-02-22 16:49:47 +0100 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux (Distributions)

The new Ubuntu look (TechRepublic)view story

http://linuxbizz.com – The new Ubuntu “looks” were announced a while back and Jack Wallen is far from “Impressed”. Read on to see what Jack thinks of Ubuntu’s bold new look (and what he thinks Ubuntu should really be doing). (read the story…) (General)

rt2x00lib_request_firmware: Errorview story

http://forums.opensuse.org – 11.2 KDE RT2561 PCI Seems that although the firmware is available, file:///lib/firmware/rt2561.bin, file:///lib/firmware/rt2561s.bin, it can't be accessed by the kernel. Anyone have an idea as to why? --------------------------------------- Yast Network Settings: .... snip ... RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI (Distributions)

best linux for amd-2 366mhz lappy w/96mb ramview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – whats the most up2date linux that is most feature packed hopefully with all the goodies (unless i can put the updates on a flash drive) cause this lappy has no ethernet port, just a dialup modem. (HowTos)

kdm user / passwd prompt missingview story

http://forums.opensuse.org – I am no longer required to enter my password to log in to my user account. How can I get it back? I have made no conscious change to this effect. I first noticed this after installing and using the debug kernel to get my Broadcom wifi chipset recognized. (The default kernel does not recognize the chipset but the debug kernel does.) (Distributions)

massive DDoS .. need advice / helpview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi, My website is being abused and thrown at a massive DDoS attack. The attack is simple, SYN + http flood. Here is a sample of it, Code: Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091221 Firefox/3.5.7 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729) Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; ru; rv: Gecko/20061204 Firefox/ (HowTos)

Common Problems with Linux First useview story

http://www.linuxnov.com – Hello guys, This is your first time you use any linux Distribution “Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, ….” Some users have a lot of problems when they just starting to use any distributions, beginning with hardware problems, Drivers, Booting, dual Booting, Grub, package dependencies, NTFS mounting for removable hard driver, Graphics card “Nvidia, ATI”, resolutions,&#8230 (HowTos)

serial communication issue...view story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi, I have an embedded board running Linux, and a servo motor controller called SSC-32 which has a strange issue when communicating with the board. I'm sure it could be regulated from the router side by programming, but I don't know how so I write here to get help. I found out that to set SSC-32 to communicate with WRT54GL, each time I must repeat this procedure: (HowTos)

HW modem connects but ppp dies w/e #2view story

http://forums.opensuse.org – Please help! I just loaded 11.2 & Kde 4.3. Installed both Kinternet and Kppp. My modem is a USR PCI HW modem 2976. Hardware Info shows it connected to /dev/ttyS4. I configured the modem with Yast as modem0. The user access box is checked for Kinternet Both Kppp and and Kinternet will dial out. (Distributions)