2.0 - Crappy out-of-the-box, so-so with repo (Apple MacBook (5,1) (Aluminum Unibody) (Late 2008))view story

http://www.ubuntuhcl.org – The Ubuntu Wiki covers this model in great detail and provides. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook5-1/Intrepid?action=show&redire... Basically, (with ubuntu karmic 9.10) most things do not work out of the box. After you use the mact... (Hardware)

3.0 - Works great on Karmic (Zotac GeForce 8400GS)view story

http://www.ubuntuhcl.org – The budget video card from Zotac uses the NVIDA GPU with CUDA and has 512mb memory. Zotac is apparently a NVIDIA board partner, so any of its products should work out of the box with the NVIDIA drivers. In terms of price per mb x gpu, Zotac can't be beat... (Hardware)

2.0 - works very bad on new versions (9.04 and later) (Asus M2N)view story

http://www.ubuntuhcl.org – Ubuntu versions 7.04 - 8.10 run on this motherboard not very good. One need to disable "acpi-apic" option in BIOS to run Ubuntu. Versions 9.04, 9.10 doesn't work properly with this motherboard. They hang after couple of minutes. (Hardware)

5.0 - 9.10 - no problems (Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3)view story

http://www.ubuntuhcl.org – Everything works on 9.10 (Hardware)

AMD Makes its Way into Lenovo ThinkPadsview story

http://www.linux.com – The introduction of AMD's chips into two ThinkPad models breaks Intel's longtime monopoly on the line of notebooks. (Hardware)

5.0 - Seamlessly Works In Karmic Out of the Box (TP-Link TL-WN550G)view story

http://ubuntuhcl.org – There is a lot of confusion when searching for compatibility of TP-Link wireless cards with Ubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10). I recently had a computer built for me as I finally made the decision to throw away my old windows PC and take up Ubuntu as my main OS... (Hardware)

5.0 - TP-Link TL-WN321G works great with a little configuration (TP-Link TL-WN321G)view story

http://www.ubuntuhcl.org – Attached this USB wireless dongle to an Ubuntu 9.10 workstation (kernel 2.6.31-16-generic). The system attempted to load two drivers, rt73usb and rt2500usb. After blacklisting and disabling the rt2500usb driver, this wireless dongle worked well (it has bee... (Hardware)

5.0 - Supports Packet Injection (Belkin F5D7050 v3)view story

http://www.ubuntuhcl.org – Tested on Intrepid, Jaunty, Karmic and Linux Mint. Also works with Slax, Puppy Linux, Backtrack and supports packet injection. Range is ok, but can be tweaked using custom drivers. The Ralink chipset is compatible with the rt73 driver. Check the versio... (Hardware)

5.0 - works great (Plantronics DSP-400 HAEDSET)view story

http://www.ubuntuhcl.org – works great out of the box! (Hardware)

4.0 - Works well (Logitech E3500)view story

http://www.ubuntuhcl.org – Tested under Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) The camera worked out of the box; the image quality is OK, a bit blueish under low light conditions. Works flawlessly under Skype. The microphone is quite sensitive and sound is correct. Beside this, the built-in microp... (Hardware)