COMPIZ- ELEMENTS "HOW TO" 0.1 (Compiz Theme)view story

http://www.GNOME-Look.org – COMPIZ- ELEMENTS "HOW TO" 0.1 (Compiz Theme) (Resources)

Mostly Monochrome (GNOME Screenshot)view story

http://www.GNOME-Look.org – Mostly Monochrome (GNOME Screenshot) (Resources)

How to Customize Your Linux Desktop - From GTK to Compizview story

http://www.maximumpc.com – Unlike Windows, Linux has several different widget toolkits. The most well-known widget engines are GTK+, (distributed with GNOME) and QT. (pronounced “cute”) Widgets are the various elements which make up a program's GUI: scrollbars, arrows, checkboxes, etc. However, take note that QT or GTK widgets are not the same thing as desktop widgets. (HowTos)