Install two versions of the same appview story

http://android.stackexchange.com – I am trying to install the old (holo) version of Google Play Music on my device ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1477066&d=13... - VERSION Google_Play_Music_v4.4.811H.526848.apk to be exact ) because I only use local media files and the new orange cremesickle version from the past year or so is terrible at this and I loathe it. However, my roomates have an (HowTos)

If the sim is out and the phone has been factory reseted can I track it?view story

http://android.stackexchange.com – My phone was stolen and I called but they obvioulsy had taken out the sim.They've logged out all my google accounts,twitter,facebook,viber and I'm thinking that they did a factory reset!Is there anyway I can track my phone?It was a sony xperia m (HowTos)

Google Play Services Error: This app won't run without Google Play Servicesview story

http://android.stackexchange.com – I recently got my new OnePlus One and it worked fine. Today I unlocked it and noticed that it rebooted because I needed to enter my PIN code (it crashed). After I entered the pin code I got some warnings about the missing play services. All the apps were gone to, accept for the default ones. As you can see in the screenshots, I can't login to any application that uses the google services. (HowTos)

FS: Netgear R6250 AC1600 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Routerview story

http://hardforum.com – Heat: Klinkman Payment: Google, amazon, Paypal sucks please stop using it people. Netgear R6250 - $60 shipped. Router is new but no box or booklet. Comes with router, AC adapter and patch cable. (Hardware)

Google Acquires Firebase To Help Developers Build Better Real-Time Appsview story

http://techcrunch.com –  Google today announced that it has acquired Firebase, a backend service that helps developers build realtime apps for iOS, Android and the web that can store and sync data instantly. Firebase currently has almost 110,000 registered developers on its platform and the Firebase team says that the service will continue to work as before and remain platform-agnostic. Read More (IT news)

Google Updates Play Music With Songza-Style Functionalityview story

http://techcrunch.com –  For the first time since acquiring Songza this summer, Google is integrating the technology into its Google Play Music service. The updated service gives you access to expertly curated playlists based around date, time, weather, and what Google thinks you might be up to. Read More (IT news)

Google Launches USB Security Key Support To Keep Accounts Safeview story

http://techcrunch.com –  For the longest time now, Google has recommended that users enable two-factor authentication for their accounts on its platforms (and anywhere else, really). But starting today, it is launching a second — even more secure — method for those who really want their accounts to stay safe. (IT news)

How to make Adobe support Linuxview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Well, we have tried asking nicely, through petitions and Adobe's own forums, but Adobe doesn't care. As every sane Business knows, Customer service should always be #1 priority. Why ? Because Customers can make doing Business feel like hell, and without Customers any Business is non-existent. So, to get Adobe to support Linux, we can and need to take advantage of Adobe's subscription service. Ge (Hardware)

How to remove an image saved as wallpaper from lock screen android 4.4.2view story

http://android.stackexchange.com – Micromax Canvas 2 colors with android 4.4.2 is my first smart phone and im finding my way around slowly. Please can someone urgently help with my issue below? Recently i saw an image on a website of google chrome and i clicked on the image and pressed save image. I got a message saying image downloading. (HowTos)

Why will google+ auto backup not work on my wireless network?view story

http://android.stackexchange.com – It appears that my pictures will not back up to google+ unless I allow the sync service to use my mobile data and disable wireless. However, when back on my wireless, syncing just locks up, saying "Backing up...1 left" forever. I've tried the "sync now" option and it does not help. I've got an HTC M8 and COX as my ISP. Is there a port they might be blocking or something? This is so obnoxious. (HowTos)