Google Releases Command Line Tool for Accessing Web Servicesview story

http://www.linux.com – Google has announced the availability of a new tool called GoogleCL that will allow users to interact with the company's popular Web services directly from the command line. GoogleCL was developed in Python on top of the gdata-python-client library. It's an open-source software project that's hosted on Google Code... (Software)

Why an Ubuntu Tablet will sellview story

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Customize Desktop With Conky System Monitorview story

http://www.linuxnov.com – it’s really cool way to show informations for your hardware specification and more on your desktop CPU usages, RAM, Swap, uptime, wireless signal strength, free capacity for your partitions, download/upload speed, downloaded/uploaded size for this session, IP address, Kernel version, username, time, date, most processed files, and even more according to Conky website it has more than 300 (HowTos)

Luckybackup 0.4.1 releasedview story

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Firefox Friday Five: Encrypt the Web, Firefox on the iPhone, and a few tricks!view story

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How to Display Facebook Fan Count in Textview story

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Figures show Google Gmail and Docs destroying Outlook's market share. Next victim: Excelview story

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利用 EveInstaller 在 Ubuntu 中安装常用软件和游戏view story

http://linuxtoy.org – EveInstaller 这款工具为 Ubuntu Linux 系统提供许多常用软件和游戏源,包括 Medibuntu、Getdeb、Playdeb、Google 等,使你在 Ubuntu 下只需轻点几下鼠标即可安装那些常用软件和游戏。 (Software)

鲁班歌词 (RBLyrics): Rhythmbox 的歌词下载显示插件view story

http://linuxtoy.org – 鲁班歌词 (RBLyrics) 是一个用于下载当前播放歌曲的歌词并使用多种方式显示的 Rhythmbox 插件。 主要功能 (Software)

Script your webbrowser with iMacrosview story

http://reviewglitz.com – iMacros is an extension for web browsers to add the functionality of record and play, to make repetitive browser tasks easier. iMacros is available for major web browsers like internet explorer, google chrome, mozilla firefox etc and  is so powerful that it can deal with bookmarking, sharing, alerts, widgets, page navigation and lot more. (General)