5 Best Twitter Icons for freeview story

http://gamblis.com – For Twitter users, these links below may be useful for you. I got some beautiful, funny and probably the best Twitter Icons on the net that can be downloaded for free. I hope you enjoy this! Do not forget to share this post if you found it useful. 1. (Distributions)

Project Titan, a Facebook’s Gmail Killer is ready to strikeview story

http://gamblis.com – Facebook is currently preparing to release their latest and phenomenal project called Project Titan. Many people believe that Project Titan is the best (upcoming and predicted) to be a truly Gmail Killer. Gmail, as currently the most popular and favorite free mail services with so many features and future inventions. (Distributions)

New to Linux--problem configuring ndiswrapper in Fedora 14.view story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello! After successfully configuring a dual boot setup with fedora 14 and windows 7, I am proud to say with pride (Totally redundant, I know) that I can enjoy the sweet fruits which come from belonging to a community so diverse and dedicated. (HowTos)

s3virge driverview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi everybody! After updating to unstable my dual monitor settings doesn't work anymore. I have a nvidia card and an old s3virge compatible card. When i use my old config (the one before updating to unstable), I get two black screens and no ctrl-alt-f1/del reaction. This is the log: Code: (==) ModulePath set to "/usr/lib/xorg/modules" (WW) AllowEmptyInput is on, devices using drive (HowTos)

Google: helping the poisoned and suicidal with special searchview story

http://www.itwire.com – If you or someone you know has been poisoned in an accidental mishap, or are suicidal and looking for information online to call Lifeline, Google has launched special new search results to genuinely help when help is needed most. (IT news)

Updating my local repositoryview story

https://www.centos.org – My buddy google via "site:centos.org mirror howto" provided some useful links like:http://www.cen... [by pjwelsh] (Distributions)

Melbourne Uni students ‘strongly’ prefer Gmailview story

http://www.itwire.com – The University of Melbourne has picked Gmail for its new student email platform, after polls of students indicated a "strong" preference for the Google offering over the alternative Live@EDU platform, despite the popularity of the Microsoft offering amongst university IT administrators around the nation. (IT news)

[ubuntu netbook remix] WiFi router connects but no internetview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – I am trying to run 10.04 netbook live from a memory stick with a view to installing it on my laptop. However although I can see my wireless router and connect to it I cannot access the internet. I have tried this on my laptop and desktop with the same result. (HowTos)

Fox Joins NBC, ABC, and CBS in Google TV Denialview story

http://www.dailytech.com – TV giants are apparently content to turn away business, fearful of lower ad revenue (General)

Microsoft wins UTS as Gmail faltersview story

http://www.itwire.com – The University of Technology Sydney has picked Microsoft's Live@EDU as its new hosted student email platform, in a move which further locks Google's Gmail offering out of Australia's education sector. (IT news)