[wubi] I need some help installing Ubuntu with wubi.view story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi all, new to the forum and also Ubuntu, I apologise if this is in the wrong place, I was stuck between this and General Help, I figured this would be the better place. I will be getting a new netbook around Tuesday, and thought it would be a good idea to have a play around on Ubuntu before I install it on my netbook so I have a rough idea how everything works. However, I have downloaded and ra (Hardware)

fully stock 2.2.1 the easiest way imoview story

http://androidforums.com – This has only been tested on an older Optimus V with the Hitachi screen baseband zv4. (General)

Getting a delay with my internet (however my speed and ping are normal)view story

http://askubuntu.com – I've been having some delay issues with my internet connection. It's hard to explain exactly what the issue is, but I can give a few examples. (HowTos)

2 separate postfix instances and confusion with IP's in received field of mail messageview story

http://serverfault.com – i have a problem with my 2 postfix instances. 2 separate IP's and coressponding domain names are setup on networking, they are working fine. I want second mail message (below) to have Received: from firstInstanceDomain.com (firstInstanceDomain.com. [second.domain.ip]) instead of Received: from secondInstanceDomain.com (secondInstanceDomain.com. (HowTos)

bash: groups: command not foundview story

http://askubuntu.com – i am jailing a user "testuser" from jailkit so i was able to do all things correctly by help http://www.marthijnvandenheuvel.com/2010/03/10/how-to-create-a-chroot-ss... http://olivier.sessink.nl/jailkit/howtos_ssh_only.html so all steps work correctly now when i log in through ssh i got this error bash: groups: command not found how do i fix it .i have google it & d (HowTos)

Hiview story

http://androidforums.com – i am holding samsung galaxys2 i had logged into my gmail accounts un fortunately i had forget them and i am not able to reset from the google also.I think some where in the phone my passwords are been stored.so i need to locate that file could u please help me out this issue. (General)

Ubuntu One Files App now on iOS !view story

http://www.linoob.com – After making its way through Windows, Ubuntu One is now available for iOS too. (General)

named caching server odd lookup issue!view story

http://www.unix.com – Hello All, I have resubmitted this issue I am having as the my last post was moved to programming as the issue appeared to be specific to java but on further investigation this is not the case. The issues also arises when running the host command and appears to be either a problem with the named caching server running on Centos or the response is mangle in someway for the url webservices.securet (HowTos)

Please help! I want to enable ad hoc wifi on my android tabview story

http://androidforums.com – Hi.. I'm a newbie and recently bought an Android tab running 2.3.4. I plan to wifi tether it to my iPhone MyWi for Internet but learn that android by default can't support adhoc wifi. Can anyone please help to guide me with a solution to enable my android tab to allow ad hoc wifi connection. (General)

How do I check fglrx's version?view story

http://askubuntu.com – I'd like to know the version of fglrx installed in my Ubuntu 10.04.3 box. (HowTos)