Loophole Could Give Android Devs a Private Picture Showview story

http://www.linuxinsider.com – Similar to Apple's iOS, Android is apparently vulnerable to apps secretly copying photos. Android developer Ralph Gootee create a test app that masquerades as a simple timer but steals the most recent image on the user's smartphone and posts it on a public photo-sharing site. Critics said the development further emphasizes the danger of Google's hands-off approach to the Android Market. (General)

NGINX - 404 redirect not working, returning an error code 500view story

http://serverfault.com – I've recently setup NGINX and had to implement various redirects to manage pages from our older websites that were still returning hits in Google (and other various linked pages). Some of these links we have to redirect to explicit locations but the rest should just be redirected to the root directory /. I have been asked to redirect any 404, 500 and 501 pages back to the root directory. (HowTos)

[kubuntu] Weird issue with google chrome.view story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, I am running Kubuntu 11.10. I love it. The biggest issues have been dvd's and this one. I use google chrome for my web browser. When ever I go to Yahoo.ca, The first page displays right, but if I click on a link, it takes me to a different page that just has some of the stories from the main page on it, instead of taking me to the story. (Hardware)

CDN CNAMEs not resolving to customer originview story

http://serverfault.com – I have set up an Edgecast CDN to mirror all my static content. Because I use the root of my domain (donaldjenkins.com) to host my main site—using with Google Analytics which sets cookies—I've stored the corresponding static files in a separate cookieless domain (donaldjenkins.info) which is used only for this purpose. (HowTos)

GNOME: Quarterly Report Q3, 2010view story

http://www.gnome.org – Board of Directors Brian Cameron First of all, the GNOME Foundation board of directors would like to express a huge thank you to all you volunteers who help to make the GNOME community possible. To all those who use the GNOME desktop and understand the value of free software on the desktop, it is you that makes the GNOME community both rich and rewarding. (Software)

GNOME: Quarterly Report Q2, 2011view story

http://www.gnome.org – Bugsquad André Klapper From April to June, 7333 reports (bugs + feature requests) were opened and 6451 were closed. Top bug closers were Akhil Laddha (467 reports), Fabio Durán Verdugo (329), Sebastian Dröge (262), Cosimo Cecchi (246) and Matthias Clasen (230). Top bug reporters were Guillaume Desmottes (69 reports), Colin Walters (69), Joanmarie Diggs (67), Cosimo Cecchi (60) and Jean-François F (Software)

[ubuntu] Ubuntu 11.10, how to stop full screen?view story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Ok, I searched google, and did a general search here, and I really can't find the answer I am looking for. Everyone seems to want to have the programs full screen, but I don't. I want it to look like it did originally, windowed. I am running on a old laptop, which Ubuntu runs well on, but I want control of my desktop. I open Evolution, it goes full screen. (Hardware)

12.04 will Rhythmbox feature an equalizer by default - how to install?view story

http://askubuntu.com – Previous I have never used rhythmbox by default because it seemed to be lacking in features to me. Just my personal opinion. With rhythmbox back in 12.04 will ubuntu give it some attention to give it some usability one thing that was majorly missing on my last use of rhythmbox was an equalizer which is the most basic of requirements for an audio player let alone a preamp. (HowTos)

[ubuntu] NVidia GT430 Not allowing Hi-Def Resolutionsview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – So, I am fairly new to the linux world, but currently have just enough knowledge to break stuff. Right now my issue is I can't get a high definition, 16x9 resolution to safe my life. Ideally I'd like to see 1080p, but I would settle for 720p. Using Ubuntu 11.10, I have a NVidia GT430 graphics card with the NVidia drivers loaded. It is connected to a Panasonic D4000 projector via DVI-D. (Hardware)

This is what I call a Gmail problem: nearly 2000 emails... poof, gone.view story

http://ubuntuforums.org – As much as I dislike Google, I have a Gmail account I created a few years ago. I logged in tonight to change my password. I changed it, and it wouldn't let me log back in. So I clicked "Can't Access Your Account?", answered my security question, changed my password again, and logged in. No emails. I have searched All Mail, Trash, everything. Twice. (Hardware)